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Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a senior level staffer in the office of a Democratic representative today confirmed that an ongoing investigation into the role of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) in a child sex trafficking operation was abruptly halted two days after President Barack Obama was inaugurated and Eric Holder was confirmed as U.S. Attorney General. The alleged plot, in which Mexican drug lords illegally transported the underage girls from Mexico into the United States in exchange for Reid’s part in “relieving the pressure that the (U.S.) government had previously been exerting on the cartels’ illegal activities” had involved dozens, if not hundreds of young Mexican girls, being sold into the sex trafficking trade. Reportedly, upon arrival in the country, the young women were delivered to a remote warehouse in the Nevada desert. The warehouse property, according to the source, is deeded to Senator Reid. It is unclear the role that Senator Reid played in the activity, but according to the source, after the girls were delivered to the warehouse, the Mexican cartel had no further involvement in the scheme.


The staffer who brought the story to the API acknowledged that he had no personal knowledge about the matter beyond what he was told by the original source. API has now learned that the original source of the story is an illegal immigrant who claims to have “purchased the services” of one of the girls whom he estimated to be “fourteen or fifteen years old”. He also claimed to be a long time customer of the cartel’s drug trade and it was through these connections that he uncovered the criminal activities.


In a completely unrelated story, the same Senator Reid continued this morning to publicly announce that Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, still didn’t pay income taxes for ten straight years. While Senator Reid has been careful to reiterate that, apart from the rumor he heard to this effect from an investor / client of Bain Capital, Romney’s former employer, there is absolutely no evidence supporting Reid’s claim.


When questioned about the non-existent proof by API, a Reid spokesman stated, “Listen, the Senator hasn’t seen any proof of the allegations against Governor Romney, and he has said so each time the subject has come up since Tuesday’s announcement. But, hey, the story is now being investigated by all of the major television networks. Usually, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It is the Senator’s hope that the truth will come out…possibly, before the election in November”.


Which is more despicable...Harry Reid announcing (via the complicit media) that there's a rumor that a candidate for the Presidency of the United States is a tax fraud (one that he truly cannot believe to be authentic) or the parody piece you've just read? That, my friends if the problem with Leftists. As Clower & Piven and Saul Alinsky have written, "The Progressive ends ALWAYS justify the means". Do you believe that? If most do, the end of a free America is inevitable.

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Why are there no official sources for this?

Why has even Fox News not reported this?

Where did this anonymous person confirm this?

These things are easy to say and hard to set aside, and they can destroy a legit reputation.

Worse, if they turn out to be untrue, they discredit the person posting them.

James...I assume you are asking about the sources on the Reid accusations above....This was a parody (SEE LAST PARAGRAPH IN MY BLOG ABOVE)....The source is exactly the same as Reid's source on the "Romney paid no taxes for a decade"...THERE IS NO SOURCE!!!   My point was EXCACTLY yours! The MSM covers the BS Reid spews out and YES, it does (or at least could) have an affect on the way people vote in November. Sorry if my parody mislead you...WAS SIMPLY TRYING TO DEMONSTRATE THE RIDICULOUSNESS OF REID'S ACCUSATIONS AND THE REPORTAGE OF THE MSM. See also:

Well, it is an entertaining parody, and it should carry a disclaimer, but the point does carry forth.  I looked and saw it as a claim of reality. I am glad it wasn't, because I did look for corroboration.

lol...My apologies for sending you on a wild goose chase, James. And, yes, like you, before I accept anything I read I always try to verify its authenticity. That's a good policy since I am the GC TP "educational outreach director" (if we were liberals that is). Actually I'm just the information spreader for our TP. Again, I'm sorry for wasting some of your time. I think you recognize what my objective was with this piece and appreciate the fact that we Conservatives posses critical thinking skills and do our homework before "spouting the party line "unlike our adversaries on the left. OMG-2012,


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