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In a 'nutshell' ,

they are the one's that first got him elected...I'll let you read this for yourself.Saul Alinsky and DNC Corruption.mht


My only request to the people of Navada:

If you don't care that a total, Pro-amnesty, pro-socialist, anti-American, anti-gun , pro-new world order, Marxist is representing your state in DC..That's ok with me. But, he not only rules your state, he also rules our states, our laws and our freedom... Your vote will be for our freedom to make state laws to protect it's 'legal 'citizen's, freedom to protect our home's, our way of life and our love for God and country..See this person for what he really is, when you go to the polls... for the sake of our nation.


Think about it!


We'll work on getting rid of the other's.

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And see 'This Thing ' for what he really is, and where he belongs!
the mob loves these thugs.
I hear Reid is 7 points ahead of Sharon Angle- if you can donate to her campaign, or sign up to make calls- even if you are out of state a lot of these candidates have phone banks that are easy to use.

The NRA needs to put up are shut up..Are you going to back this anti-American socialist 'weasel' or not! Your giving this worthless traitor clout..and this might bring him over the top. We're not going to wait till election day to turn in our card.

The NRA is about to lose a lot of members. It must not compromise our gun rights . Harry Reid is a back stabber . They have givin him a b+ rating , what a joke . The guy is in bed with the rest of the Obammy crowd . After 40 yrs. my NRA membership is about gone .
Comrade, Reid's link to Arab money...
The Soro's, Saul Alinsky, Marxist, MoveOn ,machine is at it again.They are poring money into Navada with false adds slandering Sharon Angle ...Will Navada be fooled by this 'crime', again? Only time will tell...Wake up,Navada

Got NINGED again!

Here's how you can help.
I think everyone know's what the score is here.Let's just hope that the people from Navada will wake up and see who is running their sate and our country....I know, Reid looks dead...No comment.


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