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Did Huma Abedin's ties to Muslim Brotherhood cause her to ‘quietly’ step down as Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton?

The title of a New York Times article by Raymond Hernandez reads, “Weiner’s Wife Didn’t Disclose Consulting Work She Did While Servin.... However, the headline for another story pops up in the eighth paragraph when a potentially very interesting claim is made. Take note of when Abedin allegedly stepped down as Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary.

Via NYT:

Ms. Abedin reached her new working arrangement in June 2012, when she returned from maternity leave, quietly leaving her position as deputy chief of staff and becoming a special government employee, which is essentially a consultant. A State Department official said that change freed her from the requirement that she disclose her private earnings for the rest of the year on her financial disclosure forms. Still, during that period, she continued to be identified publicly in news reports as Mrs. Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.

Officials in the State Department and Clinton circles seem especially sensitive about the arrangement, and no one would speak about it on the record. Earlier this month, Mr. Weiner released a copy of the couple’s 2012 tax return showing that they had income of more than $490,000.

According to the Times’ sources, Abedin stepped down as Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary in June of 2012 but continued to be identified as Hillary’s Deputy Chief of Staff – without any announcement by the State Department to the contrary – before Hillary stepped down as Secretary of State seven months later.

Something else happened in June of 2012 as well, the 13th to be exact. That is the date of a letter sent by Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Trent Franks (R-AZ), Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), and Tom Rooney (R-FL) to the State Department’s Deputy Inspector General. That letter specifically named Huma Abedin and her familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood:

“…the Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has three family members – her late father, her mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations. Her position affords her routine access to the Secretary and to policy-making.”

It is not clear if the letter had anything to do with Abedin ‘quietly’ stepping down at around the same time the letter was sent, largely because of the State Department’s secrecy.

The letter to the State Department’s IG office was one of five sent to various IG’s. Several individuals were named but by far, Abedin’s name caused the most controversy; her ties to the Brotherhood through her mother and brother – as well as her work at the IMMA – are indisputable.

Had an announcement been made in June of 2012 that Abedin was stepping down as Deputy, it clearly would have fueled the controversy. Nonetheless, two questions need to be answered:

1.) Why did Abedin step down as Deputy Chief of Staff when she allegedly did?
2.) Why was it kept secret for nearly a year?

As to the issue of secrecy, the subject of the New York Times article is Abedin’s refusal to disclose her consulting work while she was still at the State Department.

We have expressed – as have others – repeated interest in Abedin disclosing the contents of the Form 86 she should have completed prior to working as Hillary’s Deputy back in 2009.

It is also, indeed interesting that the news of Abedin’s ‘quiet’ departure comes at a time when the State Department is under quite a big microscope over Benghazi. Again, we have expressed – as have othersinterest in knowing to what extent Abedin was involved in Benghazi-gate.

Then again, how silly of us. That was before we knew – as well as everyone else – that she stepped down in June of 2012.

Perhaps Anthony Weiner’s decision to run for mayor of New York City might start bringing some interesting things to light after all.

Reprinted in full with permission.

Walid Shoebat Foundation


We need all patriots to pressure their Reps and Senators to force Abedin to provide form 86. Make calls, send letters, contact them through their online email page of their websites. It is unacceptable for her to be in our government.


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Of course!  Hillary is hoping to dodge the bullet &  protect herself for the 2016 election. However with all her assets frozen  and wealth confiscated for  Federal crimes, she can have the award of bag lady of the year, under a bridge where she and obama planned to put all of us. The rest of the democrats are just following Clintons lead, they know  the  truth behind the obama regime and how it's catching up to them. All hasen't yet come out, but  the republican congress is whittling them down. Along with the Tea Party. The democrats know these 3 scandels aren't going to bed like Obama did during the  BENGHAZI terror attack, and Americans aren't  going along with this  camel dung muslim brotherhood of  S N Thugs. weather from chicago or middle east or wherever

Fraud had Huma Abedin keeping a close watch on Hillary, having her killed if she missbehaved.

 This is great! Another bit of unraveling of the Obama Administration. We must take advantage of these opportunities. We all need to tug on these threads. With enough of us pulling on them, the whole thing WILL come apart.

Once again: All of us need to get involved. Send e-mails, FAX's, make phone calls, talk with your local TV and radio stations, get your friends and family involved. We CAN bring this Goliath down. We do have the power, and they just keep handing us those "smooth, round, river rocks" that work so well in David's sling.

REMEMBER Extortion 17!!!

The whole Obama administration stinks with the fowl smell of Islamists. This was started in the Bush administration.  They were trying to be open to all faiths.  The best intentions can have very bad consequences.  It is time for Constitution following candidates in congress and the Whit House.

The FBI's Mid-East translators were mostly Muslims with shakey clearances, given in haste BEFORE 9/11/01, and likely mis-translated information that could have stopped it!   Read whistleblower Sibyl Edmonds’ "Classified Woman" book.    Bush was given a truncated version of Koran 5:32 making it seem to apply to Muslims.   Read it!



On May 22, 2010, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick embraced the radical leadership of the Muslim American Society (MAS), including Imam Abdullah Faarooq who told followers they must “pick up the gun and the sword” in response to the arrests of local Islamic extremist Aafia Siddiqui and terror suspect Tarek Mehanna.

Deval allows ISB to exist in Boston


Gov. Deval should be forced to step down...

Wasn't she pregnant? Maybe she stepped down to stay with her child, and turn him, or her in to a Muslim Brother HOOD or Muslim Sister HOOD. Her hubby is going to run for the Mayor of NYC. What does SHE have to worry about?

HLS needs to be looked at close and flushed...

Muslims have been imbedding in enemy camps, lying (Arabic "taqiyya:" Divine deceit to advance Allah's cause) wherever necessary - even about their religion, since the days of Mohammed.     Muslim men can freely marry non-Muslm  women for whatever purpose they choose.   Muslim women, conversely, cannot marry a non-Muslim without permission from the Umma/Muslim community leaders - and permission can only be given to advance Allah's cause.    Abedin's seeming closeness to Clinton had to have contributed to the lack of security at Bengazhi.    Obama had armed them and helped get rid of Quadaffi, solidifying the foolish illusion of being among "friends" - a relationship forbidden by Allah in over 10 Koranic verses!     Abedin's marrying a US congressman was a coup.    Watch for Weiner to pursue other political posts where he can be used as was intended by the Muslim Umma.     Verifiable analysis of one well-imbedded Muslim can be found in the article, "An Oath Violated?" @  - the doctrine covered applies to all imbedded Muslim believers.

This show how far the progressives will go to complete their agenda of remaking America.

Mayor Bloomturd and Mayor Weenie sounds about right for the New York liberals.Maybe these two along with Uma would like to come down and do a little coon hunting with us good ol boys in the hills and mountains of Tennessee,We might even find some of them red soviets there while were at it.


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