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Defeat the Democrats and Help Craig Huey (CA)....make phone calls....anyone, anywhere, can make a difference...

There is a Congressional special election being held in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and the Democrats are frightened that they might lose this election! This seat is in the heart of Democrat territory and has been held by a Democrat for decades, but with only a few days to go, Republican Craig Huey is ready to pull off a stunning victory! He has already defeated a heavily favored Democrat in California's open primary system, and now he is on the verge of pulling off the impossible. 


I was forwarded an e-mail from a conservative activist who received an e-mail from Barack Obama's "Organizing for America" asking her to help turn out Democrats in this race. This can only mean one thing: they are scared! Democrats have set their sights on taking back the House of Representatives in 2012, and if they lose a seat in the darkest recesses of Democrat politics then they know they are in real trouble!


Between now and Tuesday, we are trying to activate every volunteer we can to help make phone calls on behalf of Craig Huey. Every vote on behalf of Huey will count in this race, and if we can win this race, we will set back Democrat ambitions for 2012!



I want to say thank you! Your willingness to help Craig Huey in his attempt to win this vital congressional seat has been so overwhelming, that the server couldn't handle the workload! If you weren't able to make your phone calls, and you still want to help elect a great Conservative to Congress, please visit the following link:




Again, If everyone who gets this e-mail calls 40 people, we will contact every vote we need to turnout in order to push Craig across the finish line!



from Our Friends at Western Representation Pac

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I went to the site and there is no information as to how that going to work if you live out of state.

I can't afford to call that many people and pick up the tab.

According to the people I asked there is no charge to out of state callers or out of area...


go here:


it charges the campaign not you.

Its easy to sign in and make the calls and since I have a free calling cell phone rates on weekends, this can be done without incurring any charges.  So if you have a cell phone where your outgoing cals are FREE ON THE WEEKENDS, then it should not cost you anything and YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PICK UP THE TAB.


I tried to register/get involved and I can't figure out how to do this.

I live in PA and did this for Brown in MA at no cost to me.



Try this! Click on volunteer and call.

Well,I Suppose I Will be the First!,To sign Up.

Yes I Will Make Phone Calls,Who Is The Democrat Contender?Bring Replaced?,Resigned?,Health Reasons,Or Passed Away?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NO Matter Though,I Am A Constitutionist,but I Would Rather See A "REPUBLICAN".Replace A Democrat,

Any Day........But I Will Look Forward To The Day When,The "CONSTITUTION PARTY"!,Becomes Large Enough,To Be A Serious Challange,To Both Parties!, But "REPUBLICAN",Will Suffice for NOW!...........

James   the Republican Party can be converted,,,The Constitution supporting Republican Party would be a great cause too.


We just keep using the Primary over and over again until they get the message. If you don't believe in the Constitution and live by and legislate accordingly then we will Primary you out.





According to the people I asked there is no charge to out of state callers or out of area...
Is it any wonder, Hahn is a supporter of sanctuary cities (like LA) any amnesty.
Is she by any chance related to the Hahn political family that included two Los Angeles County Supervisors (Kenneth and Gordon Hahn) and a recent Los Angeles Mayor (James Hahn)? 
Maybe the money for all their nefarious activity came from the late big LA developer, Ernest Hahn, who had a humoungous construction company and build tons of major buildings, complexes, etc.  Very successful and VERY wealthy, but now, I believe, very dead (I could be wrong...).  He had projects all over SoCal, but since I'm a relative newby to CA (less than 20 years), I don't know about his political connections/shenanigans, etc. - but I wouldn't be suprised if all these prominent "Hahns" were dining out on Ernie's fortune...


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