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The Tea Party is a wonderful grass-roots movement that is mainly united by fiscal conservatism; the desire to get Congress to follow the Constitution and spend the people’s money wisely.  However, the Tea Party is not united by a socially conservative agenda because its membership consists of a broad spectrum of political views.  But Americans must remember that our elected political leaders must also address and vote on important social issues at some point.  America’s traditional values must be protected and retained even after a balanced budget is passed or the debt curve is bent southward.  While the Tea Party helped kill the pork-laden $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill Congress tried to pass in December 2010, it was less interested in stopping the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.


Who will address important social issues consistent with traditional American values beyond the fiscal and monetary problems facing America today?


Critical moral, social and Constitutional issues must also be considered.  These include: Illegal Immigration; Welfare; Gay Marriage; Gays serving openly in the Military; Abortion; Religious Freedom; Saving American Jobs; The War on Drugs; Maintaining a strong Military; Affirming States’ Rights; Clarifying the 14th Amendment on “Anchor Babies”; Stopping the Discrimination of Affirmative Action, to name a few. 

What happens to the Tea Party and like-minded groups beyond budget and fiscal issues?


America will not survive if it abandons its traditional values for the sake of solving only fiscal problems.  The two are equally important.  Lest anyone forget, social liberalism is a major contributor to our fiscal woes. The Conservative Party’s stances on these issues are clear and unambiguous.

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"Thanks. AT is a great source of info and inspiration, in spite of what the folks at Wikipedia have to say about it."
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"We have to start somewhere, Col.  and we need to send a few volleys across their bow to first get their attention. "
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I am in Newyorkachusetts--(Connecticut) and willing to get involved. Thank you!"
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"Rich: I believe you are hitting the "bulls eye" when it comes to who's calling the shots. My personal speculation is that he was set up as the mouthpiece/face, with Jarrett coordinating behind the scenes for setting up a Muslim insurgency when the t…"
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