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Sgt. Edward J. O'Grady and Officer Waverly Brown, both gunned down while trying to apprehend Boudin and her accomplices.

Sgt. Edward J. O’Grady and Officer Waverly Brown, both gunned down while trying to apprehend Boudin and her accomplices.

The halls of Columbia University have been filled with radicals for decades, but their latest addition is quite stunning:

Former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin — who spent 22 years in prison for an armored-car robbery that killed two cops and a Brinks guard — now holds a prestigious adjunct professorship at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, The Post has learned.

She will be lecturing on “the issues facing convicts and their families when a person is released from prison.”

Yes, I’m sure that will be the full breadth of her lessons.

Too bad there aren’t any non-cop killers who are capable of teaching something like that.

For the record, here’s what she took part in:

The Village of Nyack has erected monuments to the slain officers and holds an annual ceremony in their memory. Officer Waverly Brown, 45, and Sgt. Edward O’Grady Jr., 33, were killed on October 20, 1981 when they stopped a U Haul truck occupied by gang members who had murdered Brinks’ guard Peter Paige just minutes before. When the officers tried to open the rear doors of the U Haul, the suspects, who were never all identified, came out shooting. Brown and O’Grady were instantly killed by a barrage of bullets from automatic weapons. Kathy Boudin, a passenger in the front seat of the truck, was apprehended as she ran from the scene of the carnage. She was already on the lam for over ten years as a result of an explosion in a Greenwich village townhouse-bomb factory that unintentionally killed three fellow terrorists.

From Wikipedia:

The police officers who caught them testified that Boudin, feigning innocence, pleaded with them to put down their guns and convinced them to drop their guard; Boudin said she remained silent, that the officers relaxed spontaneously. After the police did lower their weapons, six of the men in the back of the truck who were armed with automatic weaponsand wore body armor surprised the four police officers by emerging and opening fire. Officer Brown was hit repeatedly by rifle rounds and collapsed on the ground. One robber then walked up to his prone body and fired several more shots into him with a 9mm handgun, ensuring his death. Keenan was shot in the leg, but managed to duck behind a tree and return fire.

Officer O’Grady lived long enough to empty his revolver, but as he reloaded, he was shot several times with an M16. Ninety minutes later, he died on a hospital operating table. Meanwhile Lennon, who was in his cruiser when the shootout began, tried to exit out the front passenger door, but O’Grady’s body was wedged up against the door. He watched as the suspects jumped back into the U-Haul and sped directly towards him. Lennon fired his shotgun several times at the speeding truck as it collided with his police car.

The occupants of the U-Haul scattered, some climbing into the yellow Honda, others carjacking a nearby motorist while Boudin attempted to flee on foot. An off-duty corrections officer apprehended her shortly after the shootout. When she was arrested, Boudin gave her name as Barbara Edson.

Just the type of person you want teaching college to your kids.


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  So, they had to hire her!  What, there were no homosexual child molesters available???


Guess not.Remember we elected Obama who is a CLOSE friend to terrorists and that one is teaching in a Chicago university.That is the new norm in the education system nowadays to have terrorists train new ones

Suprised why?, look who's president-attorney general-director DHS-the list goes on. If your anti american & believe in the socialist agenda your in.  So when are " We the People " going to take our country back?,time's running out on real american's & defender's of freedom!!!

Check out Bill Ayres and his involment with Common Core starting now in some schools.  My son-in-law in California is being trained on the high school math program.  California like some states has not completely gotten involved like many states but taking some of the information to conform in case they can get the money.  Just check out the website  Parents, grandparents and Patriots need to get up in arms and stop the potential nationalism of American education and it's  History section  8 hours on the UN agenda and 3 hours on the Constitution.  Please do your research.  Education without representation.  Brainwash the children and lose the country,


Alan, as true Americans are We The People not obligated to protect and defend our Constitution from all threats be they foreign or domestic?  I believe we are, I am sure you and millions of others do too.

It is easy to see we have plenty of domestic threats starting with the ass in the White House, and very few actual foreign threats. Problem is, we have no WW-II type big balled patriotic American Leaders to follow, at least none that I know of.  There must be literally hundreds of potential American leaders; if they emerge to save our country they will enter history books, equals of George Washington, Jefferson, George Patton, Ike, all American heroes.

I'm old, a Patriotic American, in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in, fairly well armed, pissed off watching our country being destroyed by obama, his cronies, and the damn Liberals.  I am plenty ready to follow a true American leader, hopefully a lot of leaders.  By the way, I refuse to dignify obama by capitalizing his name. Nor will I use the title PRESIDENT in the same sentence with his name.

Guess it’s really people I can not understand, people who say they are Patriots, good Americans, people who say they totally agree with me, people who say they totally support and would defend our Constitution, our Bill Of Rights, the ideals of our founding Fathers, my friends and neighbors, people who at the end of the day are afraid to say what they think. If not afraid, people who are simply like our supposed leader hipocritical liars.


It is time to think about a few old sayings, think about how they apply to us, how they apply to our government.  “NIGGER RICH” and  “ACTIONS TALK – BULL S*** WALKS”

No surprise there; Obama's personal friend Bill Ayers, who was the boss of Weather Underground, is also a university professor and writes text books for our public schools.

I'M surprised that she is not working in some capacity within the BHO administration.

Well, it takes one to know one.  I'm an educator - retired.  I have experienced schools with administrators who are graduates of the Columbia "model".  Absurd!  Columbia University is described as the leader of the movement to progressive(ize) public school education.  We are living with the results - and insults!  What to do?  It isn't legal - but, perhaps, should be!?

It'sTIME that something is done by the real Americans! And we all know what that is!


"De Oppresso Liber"



And so it continues


Never trust a Wacked-Out-Progressive-Leftist  . . they lie every time they are caught . . or not caught!  It's just their way of life.

The common bond between American Leftists and Islamic Terrorists is their common use of 'taqiyya' as 'absolution' for lying.


Welcome to obummerland.


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