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CBO Rates the GOP Plan and Tells the Truth on Cuts: Grassroots Action Needed!

Dear Patriots,


In the midst of the debt talks and the appearance of the Republicans standing firm against Obama's insistent tax hikes a trusted source tells me that the GOP Leadership's Chiefs of Staff met late yesterday in DC. Speaker Boehner's chief of staff admitted that the proposed cuts from the the GOP as rated by the CBO would only come to 29 billion between now and 2012. Yes folks that is billion as in B.


So once again the CBO tells the truth.


Please get on the phone today AGAIN and contact Speaker Boehner's Office and let them know that is insufficient!


We have launched the National Government Spending Addiction Intervention Week and this is exactly the reason. They have out spent our ability to pay, borrowed and borrowed and then refuse to cut there excessive and elaborate spending. Extreme times calls for extreme measures.


It's time for an Intervention!


Please go to and take action today!


Call Speaker Boehner's Office:

Contact Info:


Then Call your GOP Representatives:


We have to be their conscience! We must intervene and be the squeaky wheel. Get under their skin. Keep those phone calls coming and then tweet and facebook also:


@speakerboehner @gopleader @housefloor


Be sure to use the #predeclined #cutcapbalance hashtags!



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Obama drew a line in the sand.  There is no way he will allow Obamacare to be defunded or repealed.  He also has enough control of the Senate to make sure that cannot happen on his watch.

the gop is doing what is always does,betrays us to the liberals who are obviously pulling the power strings,all this is ,is a show!


If I may offer some constructive critism.  While I appreciate your letter, it really needs a lot of work.  They (the left), already look at the TEA Party and conservatives as a bunch of dumb rednecks.  Your letter only enforces that.  It is a mismash of run-on sentences that need a lot of periods.  It also has a lot of grammatical errors.  Please have someone proof read it and correct it before sending it.  They may call me a redneck, but I'm not a dumb redneck.


Conservative Jim DeMint slams Reid and Boehner plans for not going far enough to address the real problem: out of control spending.


Cut Cap Balance cuts spending by 6 trillion now and we already have a great plan as well in the Paul Ryan plan. Even Moody's admits 4 trilloin in cuts are required now to make a difference.

Even the current Boenher plan cuts spending by a net of only 100 billion (1.1 trillion in cuts minus 1 trillion given to Obama) assuing there are no surprises in the committees they are delegating this to but the point is the Conservatives already have great plans on the table (Ryan's plan, CutCapBalance).

Everyone except the Conservatives seem to be in denial about the size of the 14 trillion debt, 12 trillion deficit, and out of control liberal spending of 4 trillion over the last two years.

Today's leaders need to go back to Harding and Coolidge and what they did to stop a very bad depression from happening.  Their actions brought on the Roaring 20's, a tremendously prosperous time in America.
BONEHEAD IS TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a major difference in the two speeches. Obama gave a message full emotions to scare the people with threats of cuts to entitlements, loss of benefits, a decrease in services, and his favorite topic "Let's sock the rich and successful to help the lazy". Boehner's speech was more realistic in that deep cuts need to be made. Obamahad the chance to lead by example by stating government officials will have to pay for their trips if it is not for official business and then only allowed to take two aides with them. He himself should have stated there will be no trips where a fleet of cars along with a huge staff of assistants will come along. As to entitlements no one is entitled to anything as the tilt toward favors for illegals testifies for if illegals have more rights than citizens what does that say about us. Socking it to the rich is another step toward socialism. Obama definitely knows nothing about economics or world history and would drive our economy to one that mirrors Zimbabwe. One thing that came out of the speeches is that this upcomming election will not be about facts but on emotions stired up by lies and half truths!!!






yes and over at the huffpo,his groupies really believe he is the greatest president ever and still blindly worship him,I can not believe how strong the liberal koolaid is!


Please clarify, does the CBO figure 29B apply to Cut Cap and Balance? or to Boehner's latest compromise?

so true!


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