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News Alert.... Breaking Osama Bin Laden is dead... will bring more news as we receive it.




New details confirm this firefight happened yesterday/Sunday with a 40 minute firefight with people within the compound and our Navy Seals team. Bin Laden was reported as shot in the head. Brain DNA from his deceased sister was compared to his DNA to confirm he was Bin Laden as also was identified by one of his wives at the compound.


Osama Bin Laden was the architect of the 9/11 terrorism in 2001.





Usama Bin Laden Is Dead, Sources Confirm

May 1, 2011

Usama bin Laden is dead, putting an end to the worldwide manhunt that began nearly a decade ago on Sept. 11, 2001. The architect of the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil was killed a week ago inside Pakistan by a U.S. bomb.

President Obama announced the stunning development during an address to the nation late Sunday night from the White House.

“Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Usama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda.”

The U.S. had been waiting for the results of a DNA test to confirm his identity before going public. Sources said the vice president informed congressional leaders late Sunday night that the world’s most wanted man had indeed been killed.

The announcement comes nearly a decade after the 2001 terror attacks which triggered the Afghanistan war and started a tireless hunt for the terrorist mastermind and Al Qaeda leader.

In recent years, that hunt had increasingly led U.S. intelligence across the border and into Pakistan, where Al Qaeda is thought to be concentrated.

In light of bin Laden’s death, authorities around the world are being urged to take security precautions. One source said officials are concerned bin Laden’s death could incite violence or terrorist acts against U.S. personnel overseas.


From the Telegraph 2001

Bin Laden is wanted: dead or alive, says Bush

PRESIDENT Bush said yesterday that he wanted Osama bin Laden, the Saudi exile, "dead or alive" in some of the most bellicose language used by a White House occupant in recent years.

"I want justice," he said after a meeting at the Pentagon, where 188 people were killed last Tuesday when an airliner crashed into the building. "And there's an old poster out West that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.' "

He then seemed to temper his remarks by adding: "All I want and America wants is to see them brought to justice. That's what we want."

The blunt, Texas-style rhetoric, delivered off the cuff, came a day after Vice-President Dick Cheney said he would willingly accept bin Laden's "head on a platter". Some advisers said that although the comments might be popular in America, they would not be welcomed by European or Arab allies.

Mr Bush had just received a briefing on the call-up of military reservists and plans for Operation Noble Eagle, the name given to the "war on terrorism" that the president has vowed to prosecute.

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Even if bin laden is dead, obama was not the one who should get the credit unless he personally tracked him down and killed him.  This will not boost his ratings with me at all.


obama might try to capitalize on it but surely the American people are not going to be fooled by the snake oil salesman.


Don't forget, he still has the "Race" card to use when he feels it's necessary.
Hey now!  That was Bandellero Barry reppelling down those ropes grenade pins clenched in his teeth, holding his M4 assault rifle.  Because of national security concerns, he won't be able to take full credit for HIS heroism!  Wake up!

The only ppl talking about this were the two forgers, criminals themselves-Reil and Obama.

I ask you think, don't you think it would have been the job of the military personnel themselves to make an announcement like this?


I even read they said Bin Landen was asked if he wanted to be taken dead or alive. Yeah sure, they would take the time to talk to him. Even if they wanted him alive, they wouldn't stop to aks questions at that point-would they?

That is exactly right my fellow patriot. This is all BS!! Period!! Barry needs those rhino's & fake independent votes back so he can be relected. I also want Bush, who was the most deceiveful President we have had with his ideas of a North America with no borders,, no fence building, spending like a real liberal and most importantly I want him to answer some 911 questions.
you sound like one of those libs.
No, he sounds like an intelligent person quite capable of critical thinking who hasn't been dumbed down and just accepts what he is "fed" like so many of the sheeple in this country.
yal they said they threw him in the sea because of muslim s yal why would they care what muslims think? show me the body
I do smell a rat.  It is pretty well established that the CIA created him.  They got caught protecting him at an American hospital. My info is that he has been dead for quite some time now.  I think this is an announcement to divert attention from the other stuff that id going on now. The BC he trotted out has been shown to be a phoney. The Fed is in trouble. Do any of you trust what the CIA is putting out is the real skinny? They have a history you know.
I agree Osamabeendead for a long time, this is being hyped to up Obamabeenlieing ratings, look how the media is hyping this
yes,I agree something is up big time,they are releasing this now for a reason,not sure why but it is something to do with things getting so much worse in this country and they want to get the attention off of that,wonder if this will make obama bring our soldiers home now since he was the only reason they were supposed to be over there,some how I doubt it.
This will be the precursor to another attack on America (false flag) to gain even more control of the American people "for their own protection".   It has been said many times that Obama needs an Oklahoma type incident to boost his ratings.   The alleged report of bin Laden's death will lead to a retaliation of sorts (false flag event).  They need to make Obama look like a hero even it is at the expense of American lives.


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