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Black Panther Day at East Ridge High School, Woodbury MN

East Ridge High School in Woodbury, Minnesota decided to use Valentine's Day as a day to commemorate the Black Panther Party in a school-wide presentation.  Apparently, the day set aside for all things love is the perfect day on which to roll out information about one of the most violent and militant groups in the USA's recent history.

 The presentation, led by Social Studies teacher, Tishanna Brown, began with a reading of A Black Child's Pledge, by Shirley Williams, which was originally published in The Black Panther Newsletter on October 28, 1968:

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Just one more reason to REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS... racism, hate, violence, and bigotry, are the hallmarks of the Black Panthers... honoring this organization is tantamount to honoring the KKK.


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