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It amazes me the lengths at which the PC police will go to as to not offend anyone, yet, this ban will offend many. Of course, Oregon is one of the most liberal states but still this is a trend that will continue as long as we elect radical, politically correct, liberals to work in goverment offices and direct our laws, bans, and give in to the few squeaky wheels! Check out the video and the following articles on this latest story.



The Banks High School mascot is shown...
Photo by AP

The Banks High School mascot is shown on the wall of the

their gym Thursday, May 17, 2012, 2012, in Banks, Ore.

Oregon bans Native American mascots in schools

By Associated Press
Thursday, May 17, 2012 -

SALEM, Ore. — Eight Oregon high schools will have to retire their Native American mascots after the Board of Education voted Thursday to prohibit them, giving the state some of the nation’s toughest restrictions on Native American mascots, nicknames and logos.

The 5-1 vote followed months of passionate and emotional debate about tolerance and tradition.

The schools have five years to comply with the order or risk losing their state funding. Another seven high schools identified as the Warriors will be allowed to keep their nickname but will have to change mascots or graphics that depict Native Americans. An unknown number of elementary and middle schools also will be affected. More Here

May 17, 2012 9:31 PM

The ban doesn't apply to colleges, but none in Oregon have Native American mascots after Southern Oregon University and Chemeketa Community College dropped them.

Since the 1970s, more than 600 high school and college teams across the country have done away with their Native American nicknames, including 20 in Oregon.

Critics say Indian mascots are racist, contending they reinforce stereotypes and promote bullying of Native students. Supporters say the mascots are a way to honor Native American history, evoking values of strength and bravery.

"It is racist. It is harmful. It is shaming. It is dehumanizing," Se-ah-dom Edmo, vice president of the Oregon Indian Education Association, told the board.

Later in the article....

Native American mascots are a form of oppression that contributes to isolation among Native Americans and its social consequences, said Tom Ball, assistant vice president of equity and diversity at the University of Oregon. Those include high rates of suicide, incarceration and school dropout.

Oregon Department of Education officials say Wisconsin is the only other state to enact restrictions on Native American mascots. Wisconsin's law, approved by the Legislature in 2010, requires school boards to prove that their Indian mascots don't promote discrimination, harassment or stereotyping if someone complains. Dozens of Wisconsin schools still have Native American mascots.

The NCAA limits the use of imagery and names considered hostile and abusive, and a debate still rages over the University of North Dakota's "Fighting Sioux" nickname and a logo with the profile of an American Indian warrior.

The Oregon Legislature voted in 2001 to eliminate the word "squaw" from geographic names because many Native Americans consider it offensive.

I honestly do not see how calling a school mascot the Home of the Braves a racist comment toward Indians...I would think it would be an honor... shows what I know!

Well Patriots, not that they will care a bit what other non-state Americans have to say about this but if we don't try we won't know. I have included the Oregon State Board of Education link to the board members and their email links.

Oregon Department of Education
255 Capitol Street NE   Salem, OR 97310-0203

(503) 947-5600  |  Fax: (503) 378-5156
General ODE Questions:


Susan Castillo
Tenure: Jan. 6, 2003 to Present


Crystal Greene Email    (503) 947-5650

  • Office of the Superintendent - Senior Program and Accountability Officer

Shelby Campos Email    (503) 947-5801
Office of the Superintendent - Executive Assistant

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someone in Colorado legislature tried to do this a couple of years ago - I don't believe it ever passed. It's ridiculous!

if you are politicly correct you are part of the problem, not the solution



Oddly, most are NOT. I know the Seminole Nation has no issue with FSU. The problem is parties being offended "for them". 

In truth the Seminole Nation supports Florida State's use of the Seminoles as their mascot.

There are quotes above from a few Native Americans.

I AM and I am not offended. What offends me is that these PC police miss the real problem. The real problem for the native Americans living on reservations is a result of their government afforded lifestyle. They have no culture anymore other than that of alcoholism and despair. We created the problem long ago by thinking that the "kind" thing to do was to GIVE them land, money, healthcare, etc... They have no more incentive to do anything for themselves. Reservations and govt. benefits have destroyed their lifestyle and their drive to save and honor their own culture. So now, the guilt laden liberals are going to make all that better by banning the use of native American names for high school mascots. The perfect liberal solution. Screw up someone's life with your policies and then blame everyone but yourselves when they fail miserably and rob a proud and strong people of their heritage.

You are and you are not right.  There is no doubt that Native Americans got the shaft - that's a given. And at least I do consider the sports clubs names somewhat of an honor.   But you are wrong about the state of NA's now.  I can't speak for all of course but my Tribe the Suquamish has picked itself up by it's moccasin straps and we don't need any pity.  We have a Casino, a school, a preschool, an extensive administrative  system employing many Natives, a Golf Course, contracts with Japan and China for our geoducks, three gas stations, a construction company etc etc.  And drugs and alcohol is slowly becoming the exception - not the rule.  I really don't think there are any "guilt-ridden" politicians anywhere.  Most people don't know anything about Native Americans and they don't give a s***.  But votes they do care about - that's on them - not Naive Americans.

That method is the only way those liberals have (in their minds) to justify their being...  They help basically NO ONE and create more government committees and sub committees to delve into the miniscule situations THEY feel are important.  Hey... what better way to bolster the number of public employees and add to potential inroads for more socialistic people to ruin this country...  My gosh... and any of us want to stop THAT???  What ever are WE thinking?????   (just for the record... that last part WAS sarcasm...)

Lory;  I agree with you wholeheartedly.  I am not Native American but have the greatest respect for all tribes.  It's a wonder any of them were able to survive what the US government has put them through and a wonder that any have been able to bring forward any of their traditions and cultures.  The PC police ARE the real problem.  Our government is doing the same to welfare recipiants as Native Americans being kept on reservations.  It is a form of supression.  It's the same thing with the same result.  Maybe the Suquamish are doing OK, but some tribes don't have the luxury of being where they can to the "tourist" thing.

As a native american, I've only been insulted by one thing, that was when the idiot Jane Fonda kept doing the tomahawk chop at the Atlanta Braves games.  As for mascots, that doesn't offend me in the least.  This is one proud native american that doesn't get insulted toooooo easily.   Also a Proud Army Mom of a native Soldier  HOOAH. 

Awesome!!! I live in AZ and My Mom has an Indian Arts and Crafts store, we buy directly from Native Americans and have developed strong friendships with many. She also has a wonderful Navajo (Din'e) working for her and she is a beautiful woman inside and out!

She would never be offended over a mascot.


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