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Via New Zeal Blog:

An American Descent Into Hell

Submitted by Terresa on June 12, 2011 – 8:22 pm EST

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

It’s hard not to see the signs all around us that America has begun a cataclysmic downward spiral in finances and morality. It’s like watching a slow motion murderous wreck, all the while denying that it is actually occurring. I assure you, what is unfolding in the US now is all too real. It’s a reality that is about to smack Americans full frontal in the face and many will never even see it coming until it is way too late.

It is hard for me to imagine how people cannot see what is happening in finances and in politics in their own country. It is in the news if you look at all… It is on the Internet for all to see… It is whispered by many all around us if you just listen.

The stock market has gone down for the last 6 weeks in a row. And if stock futures are to be believed at all, things will not be good Monday morning this next week. The last time the stock market dropped seven weeks in a row was in 2001 when the bubble burst. I have said for a long, long time that the stock market is fiction and is being manipulated. But they are running out of ways to fake recovery and growth – they can’t hide forever just how bad things are about to become. We are in free fall economically and stand to not only enter another great depression, but a great, great depression in the next twelve months. Only this time, we don’t have manufacturing or a winnable war to bring us out of it. Obama has ensured that – he has masterfully implemented Cloward and Piven at every turn......Complete article here at New Zeal Blog:!+Mail

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With all the nightmares about the state of the economy, lack of jobs, crushing national debt, scandanls in the government, Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare, and illegal aliens,  I just can't wait to see what will happen in this country when the majority of the people lose faith in the integrity of the election system. As Ross perot said, "It ain't gonna be pretty".
Some Americans will stay home & not vote!  It happened in 2008 & today WE are seeing the result as in all you've stated!!  The best would be stopping voter apathy!!

"Voting for the lesser of two evils ......... must stop !" Wes McKay said.

"Voting by emotions rather than by good calculation based on a good analysis must stop!" I say.

Say, Tea Party has a great candidate X, a well supported one, but who has no chance to get more than 25% of votes, while a different but still Republican or Conservative candidate Y could easily get, say, 45% of votes.

The alternative to those two is the obama*.

And who you'll vote for?

For "X" ... to get the obama in the WH for another catastrophic 4 years, if not for life?


* the "obama" in my parlance stands for the Organized Bastard(s) And Marxist Agitator(s)

I completely agree with the following set of "features": "Solid, Honest, Reliable, Clear-Thinking, Straight-Forward".

But "God-fearing"?

To me who is ready to give own life for your right to worship (preferably, Jesus, but can also be Yahweh, or Jehovah, but not Allah of which worship a strict restriction must be imposed in our Judeo-Christian country) when and where you want, "God-loving" characteristic is a lot more attractive.

But I know people who are not only categorically against Liberasts and radical Revolutionaries who managed to drastically spoil our country, but also bear all  those nice characteristics and are real fighters against Commies for real Capitalism, except...they are not religious.

Don't worry, though: they are from the former USSR, just like myself, and therefore can not run for Presidency: it's only a barrack's privilege. -:) 



You are obviously not a Christian, nor do you know and believe the Bible. There are scriptures that state, “God Fearing” IF, you were a Christian you would lay down your life for it. I WOULD, before I denied Christ.

I can however, understand you not knowing this since you came from the U.S.S.R. This is not a derogatory statement or meant to demean you in any way. I actually have a very good friend that is from there.

When I state that I am a God Fearing man, I simply state a belief that comes from the Bible. I am not a religious zealot or not even close, but simply believe in God and his writings. AND, this nation was founded on that principal by our forefathers and we as a nation have gotten away from it more in the last few years than in our history. And I happen to believe that when a nation that was founded on God, deserts him, he will desert us and allow us to destroy ourselves, which is exactly what is happening.


I am sorry for my obscurantism (even though I am writing a book called "With the Bible at a fireplace", if not to mention that I am reading the Scripture literally every single day), but why is the "God-Fearing" preferable to "God-Loving"?

Constantine, thank you and thank you for asking about it.

Rather than try to explain it to you below is a listing of all the versus of the Bible that refer to fearing God. Hope you learn and understand what the phrase "God fearing" means.

Bless you in your understanding.

Dear Constantine,
While it is important to love God, fear in this instance would be more appropriately translated "awe". Many people say that they love God, but show no respect in His house or when talking about Him; however, those that stand in awe of Him will be the ones who treat Him with the respect He deserves. You must realize that if God wanted to he could destroy the world with a simple breath. That knowledge should put everyone in awe, but I believe that most people in America do not really believe in His power anymore, but view Him as a Santa Claus-in-the-sky.

God fearing doesn't mean we cower in fear of God, but meaning that we respect Him with the awe that our Creator should have.  Although having a healthy fear (awe & respect) of our Lord in deference of His being Holy and righteous and will not tolerate sin, should help us to realize that we/ need to repent, get on our knees asking God to forgive us and heal our land. 


The socialism/communism of our Democrat party is really a spiritual battle between good vs. evil and will only be over come when Godly people stand up for what is right and denounce what is wrong. 

Constantine, there are a lot of people who want to go to heaven it's that they don't want to do it now, just some time in the distant future, in the mean time they keep talking about some mysterious "someone" or "somebody" that should come and save their lazy butts while they sit home in safety. 
Constantine-Welcome to America- - have you already become a naturalized citizen?  If not, I hope and pray you will, we need more like you!  By all means, keep studying scripture - -and yes, we can, both, love and fear God!  We love Him, because He is all forgiving; we fear His wrath when we ignore his teachings.  Of course, His love is preferable - -His wrath can be expected, if we continue to ignore Him!

Constantine Ivanov:

Anyone with half a mind has to choose "candidate X" capable of getting 45% of the votes, as opposed to another term of Obama! There can be no question that it must be our course of action. 

We all, regardless of various degrees of Conservation (or none), are up against "voting by emotion," let's not lose sight of reality. Democrats hardly vote for other reasons than emotion, unless partaking in voter fraud or mandatorily voting via union affiliation.

For those who know we must free this nation of its present regime, or for those who refuse to get it, bear this in mind, if you believe Obama and his cronies must go, then we are all in the same boat. Even with political differences, as regards to what Obama is doing to this nation, we are all in the same boat.

And, we must eject him from the White House. That is of absolute priority! I agree with you.

This is not the time to be myopic.


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