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There has been massive voter fraud on the part of Patrick Murphy against the patriot Allen West in the race for the 18th Congressional District in Florida. And despite numerous filed lawsuits to get a full recount, an army of lawyers prevented this, allowing only a partial recount in the wildly miscounted St. Lucie county. Knowing that the battle would be long and expensive, Allen West conceded the election this morning.

Yes, Patriots; the Democrats have stolen yet another election.


Of course it was stolen. So was the Presidential Election. We are being taken over by Communist and we will be living under a Dictatorship. Scary times for America. Good Bye AMERICA.


If the people vote and they don’t count due to fraud then you have a dictatorship. Especially so when the court of law will not stand by the law and make sure things are done according to the constitution and our rule of law. We do not have a free country any more.


I did not think West would give up. Now that voter fraud has been proven and excepted the Democrats WILL take over the House next election. I have always been more concerned as to who is in Congress more than who is POTUS. With the Democrats in charge of Congress they will be able to help this unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, foreign national, Muslim POTUS in the demise of America.

This is all the democrats know and how they have been winning elections for generations. They have fraud down to a science and it is a way of life with them. It is in their genetic makeup. We either have to accept it and go along to get along or decide that we are going to learn their tricks and become better at tit than they are. Of course, then the whole “free election” business will all be a total farce and may as well be over and done with and let the most powerful dictator with the most arms and money just take over and become the monarch for as long as they choose to rule.


We can not save America simply by taking on chat rooms and complaining about the changes that are happening to our country right before our very eyes. This country needs to take action we need our  leaders that have the power to assemble and organize groups that will stand up and fight. But, we lazy Americans just sit on our arses doing nothing hoping that it is all a dream. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
1- Go after the elites.
2-Go after the obvious ones in DC
3-Go after the media/ all media together. Newspapers, TV, Radio. etc. etc.
Gear up, get ready it’s coming soon. But so is the Greatest Depression the world has ever seen and experianced. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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1 hour ago
SLCRAIG replied to Guardian Eagle's discussion Natural Born Citizen
"Well, the proposition of Constitutional Law that I posit is NOT based on Foreign Laws, SCOTUS or lower Court Opinions nor the extra-Constitutional application of "natural law".
I have "resorted" to the actual Laws as found within the Preamble and th…"
3 hours ago
Quisno Son of the republic commented on Eric Odom's blog post August 2016 GOP Primary Pre-Debate Poll – PLEASE VOTE!
"That's why its so important to learn the basics of civil code within a republic which this was supposed to be.  The people are the hinge here it will swing open or closed by our own responses. And Saska that is  part ofthe basis of the republic. Nat…"
4 hours ago
Guardian Eagle commented on Eric Odom's blog post August 2016 GOP Primary Pre-Debate Poll – PLEASE VOTE!
"If you run for congress and sponsor a law to add a definition for NBC I'll support it, and if it passes the house and senate, gets signed by a president and isn't shot down by the supreme court, then what you're saying would be true, but until that…"
5 hours ago
Quisno Son of the republic commented on Eric Odom's blog post August 2016 GOP Primary Pre-Debate Poll – PLEASE VOTE!
"Here is our problem  we want to show others our knowledge . Many have spent long hours in study over problems which quite often take turnings  in which we have to regroup and even work harder. Our methodology is showing  others we have an answer( in…"
5 hours ago
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5 hours ago
Sweets06 commented on Eric Odom's blog post AWESOME! “Loophole” Allows Anyone, From Any State, to Get Concealed Carry Permit in 28 States… Without Leaving Home!
"State of Virginia CCW  application packet is free ,  Application is$100.00 ( non-refundable) and you need to submit finger prints ( taken by law enforcement) and pictures and a giant checklist that Virginia requires.…"
5 hours ago
Saska commented on Eric Odom's blog post August 2016 GOP Primary Pre-Debate Poll – PLEASE VOTE!
"Agreed, but we really DON'T know who #oPuke is, we really don't know his history, his father could be this dude! Thank god for Citizen Researchers!"
5 hours ago

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