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What Does History Say About When the Government tried to ban guns in the past

This Is the Complex History of Gun Control in the United States of America? | Firearms, Second Amendment

Guns are an integral and celebrated part of American history and culture. From their presence in the days preceding the American Revolution to their role in contemporary entertainment, firearms continue to enjoy a prominent societal standing.


It was in 1791 when the Bill of Rights was ratified and America’s new-found government officially adopted gun rights as one of the most pressing national freedoms. After its acceptance, the Second Amendment opened the door for the general public to legally purchase and possess firearms under the umbrella of a new government structure. While it’s clear that the nation’s founders wanted to grant citizens the right to bear arms, contemporary debate surrounds the historical nature of the amendment and its practicality and applicability in modern times. Read More:

The “gun culture” is but a small aspect that’s grown out of the Right to self-defense. It’s no different than a group of porcelain collectors – everyone who wants a plate can have one, but porcelain collectors makes a hobby of it.

Then there is the main body of folks who choose NOT to collect firearms, but reserve the Right to own one. That is NOT a culture – that is citizenry.

In the past there was no standard universal regulations on the militias. Each state, and each town had its own regulations, before and even after the founding of the country.

Some required training, some even allowed you to pay someone to stand in for you, for others the militia was a social function, an organization in name only where you went to training to socialize and brought your wife to the ball.

This lackadaisical attitude about militia service was why the British thought so little of them as a fighting force.

America has traditionally feared a standing Army, because standing Armies are tools of the State, and can easily be turned on the populace the supposedly protect, hence the importance of a militia in American history.


When your children graduate High School, instead of the blank piece of paper that is supposed to represent your diploma you should receive a copy of the Constitution. Maybe then people will actually start to read it.

A government can not take over a Country, … When it’s People are Armed !

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WE HAVE TO STAY ARMED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agreed! And we must unite to fight ALL legislation that is in violation of the 2nd.

Anyone know a good lawyer in Cali who would take on a class action? How about New York?

The states need to start fighting back!

Let the war begin.

Be careful Steven G. we don't want to incite violence.

What is sad, is only about 1 in 50 have even read the Constitution, yet profess to understand what this country is all about. WRONG!!! it is not about Government.

unless you have read it, [and I do ever single year], what you THINK the country is about, may or may not actually be real..

And for sure the LIBTARDS have no CLUE!!!!

The Constitution should be a required coarse in their civics classes in school.

it used to be...dont know when it became optional...


I was on the highway going home today, and I was SHOCKED to see the TSA pulling someone over and searching their SUV. The TSA is now Obama's private army (ya know, what is NOT supposed to happen here in America). By the way, I live in TEXAS. Stay armed NOT give up your guns!

My suggestion:

Make "Felons" and the "Mentally Ill" REGISTER (an online/phone registry) and available to all people/businesses, and prosecute anyone caught selling to them. Leave the "Law Abiding Citizens" Alone!!!

Send this to your Rep's

BULL! Not every mentally ill person represents a danger. Put the dangerous ones away, leave the rest alone- they have rights too!

A word of caution Ron. The DHS already lists us as terrorists, so in their corrupt minds, that would mean WE are the criminals. Then they could also "diagnos" a pro-life, gun toting Christian as having mental problems.

Hell, the left has already been calling us "extreme" and "crazy" and it is beginning to stick as reflected in comments on public forums where libeals keep calling gun owners crazy and dangerous.

I say NO way to ANY form of "singling" out bythe government. YES to prosecuting those who have blatantly broken laws, but NO to allowing the government to have ANY say as to how to "diagnos" who fits their definition and description..

Those in government aren't immune to lead poisoning, just sayin'.


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