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Great Sign in Egypt: "Down with the American Democratic Party the ally of Morsi, down with Morsi the infiltrator of America.

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs and Pamela Geller for posting this! 

There seem to be some unhappy folks over in Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over. The best part about this is they recognize that Obama and the Democratic party are behind the support of the Muslim Brotherhood taking over!

Egypt hates the democrats in us

New in Tahrir: "Down with the American Democratic Party the ally of Morsi, down with Morsi the infiltrator of America.

Obama owns Egypt. No matter how the media obfuscates, deceives and misleads on this jihadist takeover, Obama's Muslim Brotherhood coup in Egypt is DOA and the blood is on Obama's hands. There's no getting out from under that boot. Just ask the Iranians, 24 years and counting.


Egypt democrtas

Thanks to Armaros for the screenshot

Check out Pamela Geller's site:

Atlas Shrugs

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I am glad people are waking up.

Some people in Egypt seem to be waking up.  Too bad the same can't be said for the people in the USA!


they are dieing in egypt, time will tell what wakes up america..@@

Well Said Lorene... :-)

There should be a million man march on DC-in front of the WH!

Until we quit stalling and do something, matters will not change..

Time to stand up, people!

I am a Senior Citizen and can only show my support in other ways.

Let's get these good people to stand with us!

Let them keep on sounding out their frustrations and opinions.

If we stop this, they have won!

Who can organize such a march..and soon?

Anne, I am right there with you 100%. We need to move NOW.

I agree Anne and Ann... we must organize on a National Level... assemble by the 10's of millions in EVERY CAPITOL... not just DC., demanding reforms: "Term Limits Amendment", Balance Budget Amendment", repeal of Obama Care, repeal of the 16th (phased in) & 17th Amendment, repeal of all gun control laws, the arrest and trial of every member of the government who has engaged in criminal activity... 

We must come to these assemblies prepared to remain in place and on strike until our elected representatives act upon our petitions... no more, weekend rallies... no more faxes, phone calls, letters, emails... it is time to take it to them in a way they can not deny. Until the people demonstrate the resolve and necessary determination too BRING reform to the US, the left and pragmatist's will continue to ignore, placate and otherwise do as they like. Our power lies in our ability to put massive numbers in the streets to confront the government (Federal and State).  The people must either act now or be prepared to surrender their Constitution and Republic.

It is past time that we have a viable, strong and effective NATIONAL ORGANIZATION... with recognizable goals and leadership capable of speaking with the singular authority of us all... until we do the left will marginalize our movement and we will be seen as irrelevant... operating at the margins of political power.  We must act now... before Obama organizes his 'civilian army of thugs'... before he purges the military of true patriots... before he disarms America.

Col. Nelson there is no doubt but that you are correct in you reasoning. I am with you in every respect.  The first thing that we need is a leader, one that people can and would respect.. Certainlly we would want someone that inspires and reflects our values and we need that person NOW !!  We MUST get ourselves organized so that we would be recieving one direction in our efforts to correct our problems.. May God send us that leader and soon !!

We have no time to lose - our government is arming themselves to the teeth with millions of rounds of ammo and guns while we sleep.  Citizens grand jury?  God give us wisdom and courage to do what must be done.  Someone must destroy their stockpile of weapons before they turn their guns on US citizens.  Obama has already said he wants a citizen army that will fire on US citizens.

I'm thinking more like 5 million........

I am thinking tens of millions NATIONALLY... in EVERY CAPITOL, all in unity demanding reforms be implemented while we remain assembled... arrest those in government, who have engaged in sedition and treason... those who  would subvert our Republic and it's Constitution. 

The people are the last line of defense and it is now up to them too save the Republic... Congress will not, the Courts will not, the States will not... who will then STAND FOR OUR CONSTITUTION AND REPUBLIC?  WHO?


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