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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!.....US Embassy compound in Turkey hit by 'terrorist' attack, 3 feared dead

A suicide bomber blew himself up at an entrance to the U.S. Embassy compound in Ankara on Friday, killing at least three people, Turkish police sources said.

The bomber got to the first X-ray machine leading to the visa section, the sources added, and then detonated the device at about 1:15 p.m. local time (6:15 a.m. ET).

Turkish television footage showed smoke rising from the area and the heavily damaged door, which led to a side street.

Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler told reporters that the bomber belonged to an illegal leftist group, Reuters reported. He said the attacker could have been a member of the militant Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front or another leftist group. Read More:

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Well,why not??? These groups seem to know they are getting away with whatever evil they use on us!

Crack down??? Those words are not in this leader's vocabulary!


After Benghazi and our lack of support to our embassador, we can expect many more embassy attacks until we retaliate or defend with greater than just the force of words.

You have it totally correct. We are not showing any strength because -0 will not support the true American way of life domestically or foreign. Our foreign policy is like a mirror that reflects the people of this country. We are divided in many ways: racial, cultural, special interest, political, religious fragmentation. The only thing that can pull this country together is a state of consensus that is in a matter of opinion and unity of purpose. This means we need a rapid development of spiritual growth (not religion) so that our priorities are changed so that principle becomes an issue in our lives before it is too late.  We as believers are fragmented in the worse way than the general public.  As goes the believer in Jesus Christ, so goes the Nation under God.

Mary, instead of doing his job, obama is too busy campaigning around the country with Biden to take our second amendment right, designate speech police to put us in jail for saying the truth about muslims, and signing executive orders to take every freedom he can from us.  All he knows how to do is campaign, lie, mock, poke fun of, laugh at, slander, smear, bully to divide.  It's in his muslim DNA. He is a community organizer that divides to rally for his agenda, the real reason he was placed in office, to take America down, the last beacon of freedom and the most powerful nation on earth has to fall to make way for his dictatorship in the new world order.  It had to be done from the inside and at the very top level, the president of the USA. 

So, he's divided us, he's weakened our military, he's weakened our foreign relations, and weakened our economy big time with over $6 trillion dollars and headed for $7 trillion since he took office.  In the interim of just being a communist muslim scum, bag mole that hates America, he gun runs in Mexico with Fast and Furious and gun runs in Benghazi, and only God knows where else, and sends black hawk helicopters to Miami, Texas, California, Minnesota to terrorize our citizens to warn us not to cross him in his gun control, and stages false flags of murder to sway to his agenda, and kills 34 of our elite Navy SEALS to get them out of the way because he is afraid they will join others to fight for their freedoms.


If our citizens don't wake up, life as we know it will come to a screeching half VERY SOON.  The land that God gave us will be in the hands of Russia, China, North Korea, and all the muslims.  And, he will do it so fast that we won't know what hit us.  He won't give us a chance to get together to and unite, it will be a shock and awe to have the hardest affect.  He's working hard to set his attack up, and already dismissing the brass in the military who won't shoot on citizens.  He will use the terrorist cells that are already established in our country, that he refuses to disband and deport, to take our guns away and fight for him, they KNOW who and what he is, and have been training military style to kill us. There is a reason he would not close and secure our border because it had to stay open to let more muslim terrorists in undetected.  They are waiting, and foaming at the mouth to kill us. They love killing and use every chance to do it.  obama has the same DNA, and he is pure cold evil. 

We have a communist muslim mole in our White House who has the lives of every man, woman and child in our country, and who is using our White House as Muslim Chicago mob terrorist central and our citizens worship this monster, just like the pagans in the Old Testament worshiped their kings as they gave the king the deity of the gods in Egypt.  It's all coming full circle.  The muslims are the direct decendents of Cush and Nimrod who wanted to rule the world, it's in obama's DNA.  God destroyed their tower of Babel.  They have been working on the takeover of the world for centuries.  They conquered in the crusades and tortured and slaughtered Christians and "what they called infidels" there, and have almost out numbered in Europe, they are all but conquered.  They had to use a different approach with America, they had to put a mole in our White House, the highest office of our land, to do it. 

Divide and conquer, this is the only way they could do it.  And, man did they get that right and  WE  LET  THEM !!!!!!!!    We allowed them to brain wash and indoctrinate our children, take God out of our schools, take Jesus out of our vocabulary by court orders, change our history books, corrupt politicians, use our liberal and immoral lifestyles against us, then the final blow.... RACISM  and DIVISION , and we were ripe for the picking.  obama fit right in as he rammed the nails on our coffin with his racism and class warfare to divide us. 

We have been set up and now we face his coup, that will be the most huge event in world history.  The taking down of the most blessed country our each has ever seen.  God established this country for a people who loved Him and worshiped only Him.  We have allowed ourselves to be too watered down with foreign people.  We did not tear down their idols by telling them that when they come here you do as they Romans do.  We didn't tell them that they don't have the right to dictate to US and that we keep our heritage and that is not negotiable.  Watering us down is not acceptable because OUR God is the law of OUR land and you don't tell us what to say or how to act.  If you don't like OUR land and OUR heritage and OUR customs, go back to yours.  When one becomes an American citizen they do as the natives do, not the other way around.  It used to be that way until the democrats politically correct was forced on us. 

With a heathen muslim in our White House we are being forced into his heathen muslim dictatorship, it's obama's plan and why he was placed there, and our Father sees this.   We allowed him to get this far by not working to get him out.  We The People, the prosperous, complacent, apathetic, out of touch people, did not take the time to notice what is happening and exercise the rights that our Constitution gave us to stay a free and prosperous nation.  We GAVE the farm to obama to do with exactly as he wished, and over half worship him for doing it.  God help us as life as we know it is about to come to a screeching halt.... even for his worshipers.  They have a shock coming.   May God keep His own safe and protect us from his evil regime.  It's going to be quite a ride.

Anne ~ unfortunately we have no leader; at least not in the White House.  We have to all be vigilant so that this doesn't become another Benghazi. 

I thought Obama killed Osama Bin Laden and Al Qeda is on the run?

Just because Obama told us that does not make it true.He opens his mouth to say many things, and if half of it had any credibility it would be amazing.Al Quada is  on the run alright..running with weapons sent by Obama to  enforce his agenda of taking over this nation.

Obama is a gun runner and a traitor to this nation. He is involved in supplying artillery, comfort and aid to enemies of America. Why our congress is allowing him to have free reign is beyond comprehension. 

As far as Osama, that is a mystery to me how an older man on a dialysis machine was so hard to find. I understand he was in the US at one time for treatment, but that was kept under wraps for months. Obama did not "get" Osama, the seals that gave their life in Obama's quest for glory and credit did that. 

Obama is first and foremost an arrogant liar.As witnessed by the results of his first term, he knows nothing about running a country. The islams/muslims chose Obama, a man with a lot of charisma and experience in being a communist, but lacks the ability to transform America into a socialist nation without becoming obvious to the resident patriots. I think this is because of his arrogance and lust for power that is becoming overwhelming not only to him, but to many others. 

The fraud in the White House is there because of money spent, support of foreign powers, and a controlled   and fraudulent election process. Politicians like to go with a winner, and if it appears Obama is taking charge, they will all advocate for him regardless of the potential danger to this nation.  If our federal court stands resolute and demands Obama answer for his treasonous acts and  requests proof of  eligibility to be president, many will run like rats on a sinking ship. because that is who they are.

We need to support those that are opposed to communist takeover no matter who they are or what party they represent. 

Regina congress allows it because the majority of our congress is either cowards, communist, muslim, or homosexual. Except maybe for some of  the cowards they are all enemies to the Constitution and it's laws set up to protect our once strong Republic which has been destroyed by the educating of our people into stupidity. Our schools from grade school through college has been slowly but surely through the years teaching away from the Christian foundation this country was built on. All the knowledge in the world without the wisdom to use it is useless, even dangerous.


Yes to Ann, Anne, Herbert and Theresa- Just emailed my Congressman with these exact opinions a few nights ago. WOW!

We are the only Americans who can connect the dots!  Uh, oh,.... I mean  we are not of the government, so we can connect the dots. Another fine demonstration of the capabilities of the State Department under Mrs. Clinton.  And I KNOW she is expecting to run in '16.

Why would obama crack down on muslim terrorist he is one of them, for obama it would be like killing a family member.

Of course our worthless Obama won't fight back. He doesn't have the desire to help American.


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