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Military Vet Ordered to Remove Tiny American Flag From Patio By Landlord.......

Apartment Complex Orders Military Veteran Tyler Barge to Remove Small American Flag

Tyler Barge tells himself to be a proud military veteran. Spending 9 months deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 where he served in the U.S. Army National Guard. He just returned home in March of 2012.

It was a total shock when his landlord issued him a letter stating that he could not have the American flag on his patio.

“I like to keep a flag on display in honor of those who have died fighting for our freedom,” Barge, 22, told TheBlaze in an exclusive interview on Thursday. “I had the privilege of coming home and they didn’t. I try to do what I can to keep their memory alive.”

“I saw the flag flying in Afghanistan, it’d be nice to see it flying here too,” he added.

Barge said he received a notice from Riverwalk Apartments in Salem, Va. on Wednesday ordering him to remove the American flag, trash items, a broom and even a glass table from the patio. Read More:

One of the problems that people should take into account is that many of these managers and property landlords must enforce these agreements to the letter ( I don’t know if this is the case here), or they then become null and void when someone puts up something truly annoying. Once you allow John Doe to put up a something that violates the rules but not sensibilities, Bobby Joe can put up something that violates both rules and sensibilities. The best solution for a manger in this case is to work with the tenant to find a way for him to show reverence without encountering the problem of causing the community problems down the road with someone else.

um, let me shed a bit of common sense here. First, they said patio furniture is acceptable. What he has out there is a glass kitchen table. What’s the difference? The glass table is breakable while patio furniture is more sturdy. Secondly, @JCLDWL…. freedom of speech protects you from prosecution by the government. It does not protect you from a lease agreement with an apartment complex which you voluntarily signed. Third, simply let your lease terminate and move to a house in an area without associations and you can put whatever you damned well please on the porch. Personally, regarding only the flag, I would change the table to an actual “patio” table, put the flag on that and tell them to take a flying leap and that if that isn’t good enough to terminate my lease and let me leave.


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If I were him, I'd get an American Flag the Size of a FOOTBALL Field and Drape it over his House

I understand his plight!  I, too live in a community complex that wields rules to where we  feel like we're in Nazi Germany! Semi annual inspections, ( and whenever else they feel like doing it)  monthly notices that go to the point of idiocy with their "suggestions" on housekeeping, and how to put your jewelry away.  A lease afforded you some privacy in the past, but, sadly, that seems to be no longer true. The whole now must atone for the few who would trash their abodes.  I think they call it  " no favoritism!"

look at your states TENET RIGHTS owners/ management have a lot less power then you think....

Absolutely true.. I was a landlord for years my husband and I would take care of those properties better then our own. They got painted and new carpet before each person and even asked them what color they wanted. Tenants have more rights than the owner. One reason why I sold..

Please see my posts on page two and three...  They certainly do have less power than they THINK they do... sounds like the crap coming out of DC too....

My father was a landlord and the food stamp, multiple children/fathers, minority tenants practically OWNED my Dad.  He had to jump hoops to keep them happy.  And the poster of this article assumes that is a kitchen table.  They do sell glass patio tables - I know, I had one - so this VET should get 100% support and the landlord needs to be pistol whipped!

OMG....never knew anything like that existed.   Altho I did hear of some people that just walked in on them w/o knocking .....that was in So. Lyon apartments.   The wife was just coming out of the shower.  Didn't know that was widely spread tho.   Guess I would put a sign on my door stating trespassers beware.  Along with an NRA sign.

Where do these jerks and less of a human being come from???  The trash dump???

Na, democratic rolls!  I guess you were right with "trash dump"!

Probably an illegal alien...

That sucks! It really does but, that is the way it is everywhere if you move into an apartment complex or a house under community management. Once you sign the agreement you lose all your individual freedoms. My daughter lives in such a neighborhood. She is not allowed to put an air conditioner in the window. The house has central but it peters out when it gets to the bedrooms. There are strict rules and they are inforced. Another friend had to go to court for non-compliance. My daughter likes it. She said it keeps the neighborhood tidy. My friend is waiting for her lease to be up and they are moving. I, personally would not move into a community with such rules but it is almost everywhere now. This is how our rights are being taken away from us and we are willingly giving them up. My daughter sees no harm in this and she is  a perfect young family woman that is blindly walking towards Socialism and sees the logic and compliance. I have another daughter who wants certain freedoms taken away from her and all to gain protection and safety. This generation and younger are willingly giving up their freedoms. This fight is with us and our generation and older. If we don't fight for freedom, this country is lost!

WRONG! you do not lose your individual freedoms. that is the ignorance of the American Sheeple. there are things in most every state called Tenets rights laws. look it up.


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