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Hillary Clinton Jabba SC “What Difference Does it Make?”: An original poem

Photo credit: Dave Merrick

An Original Poem, from The Western Center For Journalism

“What difference does it make?!” demanded Hilly of Johnson

Uttering the tragic words that rang across the room into the hearts of all Americans


What difference does it make indeed Four American heroes are dead and the hearts of their families still bleed


What difference does it make Whether Americans vote or eat government cake


What difference does it make if people must use healthcare that kills, As long as the government can tell you how to pay the insurance bills


What difference does it make to crucify Christ again

There are plenty of trees to hug and earth to freeze all in vain


What difference does it make if innocent children are dead

A crisis must not be wasted but used to squash the rights of Americans under the guise of moving ahead


What difference does it make if they trample the Constitution all over, So long, as the liberals have hope to give it a new makeover


What difference does it make that women head to the front lines while men remain behind, As long as we go forward and change the course of humankind


What difference does it make that our children forget their history Even as the politicians in Washington remain obscure to our misery


What difference does it make that our enemies scoff and laugh at us So long as we can help them and negotiate our future with the one who is most preposterous


What difference does it make when the economy collapses

Hope and change will still have moved the masses


“What difference does it make?” you say? It makes a big difference to me and to all those who still believe in the USA.



Let’s put Hillary and Obama on trial for the killing of the four Americans in Benghazi and if they are found guilty prosecute them. Some may think they deserve the death sentence. They will ask, “Why do we deserve the death sentence.” We answer, “What difference does it make?” And see how they feel.

I especially liked the part right after she flipped out and said what she did about what difference does it make, she went on and said,” that it is our responsibility to find out what happened and to fix it so it won’t happen again.”

Hillary that my dear that is an easy fix, just ask Obama to stop running weapons into Turkey, so they can ship them off to his insurgent Muslim Brotherhood al-Quad-a buddies in Syria. Also ask him to stop plotting how to free the blind Sheikh, Obama's plan to kidnap the Ambassador in Benghazi failed, and four American’s where slaughtered.

If Obama still wants to free to blind Sheikh, have the prison hospital issue a death certificate, and boogie over to Cairo in Air Force One with him, and no one will be the wiser.

You would think our Constitution would be enough to spell out that Obama is a traitor and he has plenty of accomplices who should go down with him.
We need to rid our country of this trash that has floated into our White House and that includes E. Holder.

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What does it matter? Nixon's lies were minor compared to Obama's and his administration's lies and Hillary was doing all she could to ensure Nixon was impeached over them:

Of course I agree with you except I would say about Nixon, compared to the people in this administration Nixon was like catching a kid's hand in the cookie jar. What they are doing is pure evil and even more so with four Americans slaughtered saying 'What does it matter?'

Nixon had the common decency to hand in his resignation.  He showed some honor and took it like a man.  obama has a different mindset.  He is denying it to his dying day, has NO honor, and has a different agenda.  obama is working with the Illuminati for a new world order, AND, he is even going to betray them because his real plan is to make OUR USA the largest muslim country in the world.  His fish to fry are for his muslim brotherhood, and THIS is why he's arming our enemies with 20 F-16s, 200 Abram tanks, and gun running in Benghazi and through Fast and Furious.   THIS is why he doesn't close and secure our borders.  It isn't just the illegal Mexicans, who he plans to use to destroy our economy, our infrastructure, and our debt increase, but he needs to keep our borders open for his muslim brotherhood to sneak through without detection.  THIS is why he works so hard to keep our borders wide open.   He has a multi plan for our border  1) illegal votes   2)  he's the champion of the illegals to keep the issue open so he won't have to close our borders for his muslim comrades  3)  he mandates that illegals not be arrested or charged with a crime and that the border patrol ignore them and let them all cross over   4)  he's gun running to the drug cartels who are working with the muslims and their terrorists camps here in the USA   5)  he's involved with the drugs that the cartels bring over and personally deals with them for their drugs as he is in total control and orchestrates that traffic.  

He knows exactly what is happening and will never secure the border because it's a great business for him, and it allows his muslim brotherhood to enter at their leisure.   He's setting  us up for his muslim takeover.  And, our citizens have absolutely no clue what is happening to us as he smiles his charming smile at them, and plots the most heinous act of treason and muslim takeover in world history.

Randall, you are 100% correct. Nixon's actions look like child's play compared to the current administration and all of their corrupt actions. I can't believe the American people have become so apathetic they aren't demanding action against these horrible leftist people.

Our socialists, communists, eco-Nazis and other Democrats praised that utter lying POS Hillary Clinton (or was it Rodham?) as “the greatest Secretary of State ever”. Our timid and gutless RINOS never asked that criminal to tell us the real purpose of that Benghazi outpost. When she declared: “What does it matter now?” – not a single RINO said “Because you lied to the American people!” No RINO asked the big question: “Who gave the order to our military to stand down when our ambassador asked for help?” Only one person could have issued that order – our Commander-in-Chief Obama. In her view the Benghazi affair was just a small glitch in the Obama’s Arab Spring program designed to bring jihadist governments to Muslim countries and the consequent destruction of Israel. By the end of that congressional “investigation” Hillary’s nose was two feet long., comparable to Mullah Obama’s Pinocchio-like nose. I remember well the Hilary’s ingenuity while still in college, when she renamed Marxism by calling it “politics of meaning”. Among other awards collected by Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Margaret Sander Award by the Planned Parenthood of America, thus joining the fellow recipients Jane Fonda and Ted Turner, and celebrating the 300,000 annual abortions performed by the PP. The Supreme Court 1973 decision found that the woman’s human right to abortion “emanated from the penumbras of the Constitution”. Similarly Hitler’s holocaust of 6 million Jews also emanated from the penumbras of the Hitler’s Constitution – with one exception: he only killed 6 million while our Supreme Court murdered 53 million so far, with no end in sight.

And what about the role of our Main Stream Media which, in full service to Obama’s interests, failed to report the details of the Ambassador Stevens fate whereby he was captured alive, stripped naked, sodomized with a broom handle, paraded through the streets, and then finally executed by a bullet in the head, before his body was returned to that “consular” post for our contemplation. No attempt was made by the Libyan government to intervene in those celebrations. The 9/11 anniversary Al-Qaeda attack was fully supported through its failure to intervene by the Libyan jihadist government, installed in power by Obama’s active approval and by the US Air Force bombs.

The difference is, we now have a loose cannon in the white house who thrives on power, and a take over of our Country and our Constitution, and our people.

The ones asking for background checks on everyone buying a gun is the biggest Joke of the day.  Obama won't release his locked up documents as HE doesn't want anyone to know anything about him, The ones asking for all this nitty gritty stuff are the ones that need investigating, background checks, and being arrested, tried, and put before a firing squad. PLEASE don't waste the taxpayers money by putting them in prison. They've already taken to much of our taxpayers money doing treasonist acts and enjoying vacations.

I think we need to have background checks on the Mentally ILL if they try to purchase guns.  Lots of people go to mental health Drs. for things that wouldn't be considered life threatening to others, but if a counselor feels that one of their patients is of such nature of hurting someone else then Yes I think they have an obligation to report it.

Otherwise, Obama get out of everybody's business that has no concern to you.  Even one of the parents that lost a child to that shooting feels the approach you are taking is not the way to go. You are so power hungary and determined to please you real father with communistic actions that you drool for power.  What a sick individual.....Now Obama and peopole of his sort and personality should NOT be allowed to purchase a gun.  Anyone that is as Narcississtic as he is can be a very dangerous I think many have already seen where Obama is concerned.

I would love to see the President and Hillary taken to task for killing 4 Americans.  Problem is, you can't do it!  Why don't lies count like with Nixon?  It is as big a cover up as that and we have 4 dead Americans!  Will we ever get our country back?  Oh, I forgot - "What difference does it make?"

Beautiful poem.

Throw the blind Sheikh out of a Blackhawk helicopter over Tehran at 1,000 feet and see if he can be impaled on a mineret. Give him back to his Muslim Brotherhood mob. When they nuke us you'll wish we had.

What difference does it make- plenty---We the People are fed up with the absolute corruption and gawd mentality of this fraudulent admin.  He thinks he has all the answers-prob gave them to her- have to keep their stories straight- or wait just gush "what difference does it make" and go to a 2016 pres nominating press meeting.

Who is there to take them to task???  And when-- I will sign petition, go on a peaceful march- whatever it will take to let him know--he does not rule us

--almost half of voting America did not vote for him--that does not include those who did not vote for whatever reason  He has no mandate for anything.-certainly not for fundamentally changing the USA--but that is what he said he would do--and she is right there with him.

I am afraid of what he is trying to stir up--he wants us divided--he wants class war--he wants to be king, tyrant, dictator- (of communist country with no opposition to him) .choose whatever word you wantt--it will fit--he is heading there---


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