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Mark Levin makes a lot of great points here!!

They’re all so drunk on their own power they need to be detoxed!
Scum always rises to the top!!

I read that Biden had an aneurysm in the eighties. People who have aneurysms in later life develop emotional out bursts and inappropriate behavior. If this is true, Biden should never have been Vice President.

A background check on Obama would have prevented the destruction of America. Not only should they all be subjected to mental health checks, they should also be required to pass a high-level security clearance.

Joe Biden is living proof what whiskey can do to your mind. Barack Obama is living proof that cocaine kills brain cells. Both have lost common sense from their abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. There will be no place they and the other like minded will be able to hide. Americans won’t turn their back on tyranny.

Mark Levin, I consider to be the Paul Revere of today’s America and a pit bull whose teeth are sunk into the flank of this communistic administration…..All those in favor in a mental health, background check and yearly drug test for all elected government officials and appointees…SAY AYE!

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 That whole administration needs to be halled out.

So!  How do we do that?  I'm sick and tired of everything that's occurring in the country and nothing being done about it!  What's stopping us from forming a powerful organization to address the criminality of the Obama administration?


I agree whole heartedly and not a minute too soon!!!  For one thing mr obama did not win that election, he was going to get in one way or another!!  No one can tell me different.  And we willl probably Never know who he really is!

I think we DO know who he is!  Any leopard is known by his SPOTS and this one has all kinds of "markings"(Marxist).  People only hide all information on themselves - at great expense - if they have something really perjorative or heinous to hide! No one betrays a country, tries in every way (economic, border laxity, amnesty, betrayal of military, stripping the people of their precious freedoms!) to bring the country down, spews lies, and controls by INTIMIDATION (having those who cross him killed) and THREATS, unless he is the spawn of SATAN!  This Creature has even said publically that Americans are stupid, he HATES the white Christians particularly and has done everything to promote immoral behavior! His every action has been for more control over us -AGAINST our wishes, and our welfare. Those who have worked hard to make the US the great Country that it became are now being punished and robbed by excessive taxation and gov't. spending like we've never seen before! 

No doubt, the Crook and his cronies rigged the "election" any way they could think of!

Joe Arpaio and others HAVE found lots of evidence, in addition to what we already know to be true despite the lamestream efforts to hide the TRUTH!  As far as I know, there is NOTHING stopping us from forming a powerful organization to arrest and try the most blatant Criminal Administration the World has ever seen. What ARE we waiting for? AYE, NOW IS GOOD!

It is a great pity that Levin and a few more of his stature had not gotten on the Eligibility bandwagon in the early days. It was, is , and remains the most expediant method of removing the impostor. And it is so simple!



I don't think it would have helped, Obama and his henchmen have the Courts afraid to rule on anything that is brought before them. Even Clarence Thomas said were are avoiding that.(Eligibilty) Sheriff Joe has gotten all kinds of information concerning Obama's ineligibilty to be President, but nothing is being done. Everyone is to scared to speak out against the ONE, or there is a hidden agenda that the American people don't know about and our elected leaders or practicing CYA!!

AYE  !!!!!  And, it would be best if all these tests were done BEFORE they are even on the ballot.



Every senator and congress person knows that obama is NOT legally entitled to be a sitting president.  Even the so called supreme court knows it.  Why are all of these idiots afraid of him???  I would like to know.  I understand people being afraid of obama a cousin or something???  These people must be replaced cause everyone of them is destroying this country!!

AYE!         AYE!      AYE!!!


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