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Sign in Egypt: ‘Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians’

Sign in Cairo’s Tahrir Square: ‘Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians’

Thousands of Egyptians are gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today to mark the second anniversary of the uprising. One protester slammed President Obama, calling him an “idiot” and “jerk” for cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood while the MB is “killing the Egyptians.” From Twitchy

Funny that we all knew just what Obama was up to in the administration's support of the uprising. We knew he was all for pushing the Muslim Brotherhood in. But just like those of us here that see him for who and what he is, there are MANY that don't...Egypt has fallen victim to his machinations just as the as the USA has.

Darla Dawald

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Shame on America for not Impeaching Obama.


We need to put this fraud behind Bars. He cant pass E-verify

Not to mention all his acts of high crimes!

Most of the people we have behind bars haven't done half the things this Monster

has done and is doing!

Aid to the enemy is TREASON!




It is amazing that we, as a Nation, cannot take control of all the criminals running the country--especially those who are professed "Progressives".  


James L  

Thank God that there are so many brave Egyptians standing up in the face of their extremist government and proclaiming the truth! Something that interest me about the entire subject of Egypt being taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood is that, in Biblical prophecy, Egypt will one of only two or three nations that will fall under the Lord's favor. this tells me that ultimately the Jihadist takeover of Egypt will not last. Perhaps it will be people like this man pictured above who will bring about the Muslim Brotherhood's fall in Egypt.

I've often wondered about that too when all this started happening with Egypt.  I knew that Egypt was only one of two that would not go against Egypt so I thought to myself, " Hey what's up with this.  Maybe people like this man will help kick the Jihadist out of Egypt.  Egypt as well as others in the Middle East should know by their own history what happens when they go up against Israel but I guess they don't.

Yes, and if I remember correctly (no guarantees there!) the other nation that would refuse to join against Israel was Syria...interesting in light of what's happening there today! I believe that Egypt will soon see a counter-revolution of their people against rule by the thugs of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This was a happy surprise and shock to me. Pray they are successful in their protest. Since the Muslim Brotherhood took over, I thought the majority was all for it. I'm glad to say I was wrong.

    David, Another reason to pray for the truth to help the Egyptians to over come evil leaders like Obama. 


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