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Americans fight best when backed into a corner..... turn the rednecks loose

I think the liberals are telling their liberal whackos  to start all these killing sprees to help get rid of guns.  They never tell us what web sites these people are visiting,, ever notice??  We never hear what groups they belong to, if they are conservatives or liberals etc etc....  We know they are all liberal democrats  and none of them belong to the NRA. There is something funny here that all these attacks are taking place since Ovomit has been in office.  They tried the Fast and Furious trick to make us think guns were killing people in Mexico... Remember how the news media was constantly talking about all the crime in Mexico before Fast and Furious????   And now they never talk about it anymore???  But, now, we have all these mass killings,,, by gasp, liberal democrats!!!  And now the media is constantly talking about these mass murders, but never mention they are done by liberal democrats!!,,,,,  I smell a conspiracy by the media and the white house,,,,,

I read that James Holmes was part of Occupy Wall Street Black Ops.  Type in and you will find info.  Also Sandy Hook "killer" was a registered democrat as were his parents.  Same with Columbine shooters...parents registered democrats.  But, I tried to look up any info about shooters on social media right after Sandy Hook shooter was identified and nothing showed up.  My guess is they prescrub any social network info so you can't see if they belong to Occupy Wall Street which is my best guess.  I saw a leaked video of Bill Ayers and some OWS students talking in a parking garage last year and the students asked Bill "when should we start the violence"? It looks like they may have started the violence.  We need to get some proof somehow.

Yes, this "created violence" BY the Liberals needs to be CRACKED WIDE OPEN!~

If you look at the videos of the different "episodes of violence", you will find some amazingly obvious

inconsistencies, crisis actors, etc.being orchestrated.

There was another lock down at a college in Virginia tonite, I saw it on the Greta VanSustern Show. It's funny how all these killings have come out since Obungler took office.

Dennis...these thoughts have run through my mind too. Everything you wrote above I believe to be fact.

This conspiracy is practically out in the open.  Most media will continue as they always have, especially in the last five years and back the Fraud in his quest to remove resistance to his power grab.  The left is in love with the centralization of power because it means that their superior ideas can be force down our throats.  Eventually, the "wrong" ideas will get forced down their throats, but by then it will be TOO LATE.

I don't want to sound like a kook, and I have no evidence, but is it possible that there are subliminal messages being posed to gamers. It would seem that those individuals who are deeply engrossed in a "game" might be susceptible to suggestions of violence in the real world.

I have wondered about the same thing.  When a person is intent upon evil they will use any and every tool, opportunity, person, situation, etc to achieve their goals.  That seems like a definition of Communism, too.  By the way, David Axelrod, Obama's Chicago thug in chief, is a Communist.  His mother wrote for a Communist newspaper.  He is what is appropriately called a "red diaper baby".  He is exactly what Obama is, a person doing exactly what they were brought up to be and doing what they were taught to do to further the goals of Communism.  Valerie Jarrett, the other half of Obama's brain, also has strong Communist ties via her in-laws.  Her father-in-law was a Communist of some note in Chicago.  Jarrett, herself, was born in Iran, not the U.S. Of course, there is always the presence of Bill Ayers who brags about his anti-American violent past and he has been a tenured professor, enabling him to warp the minds of his students with his Communism. His family had Obama as a house guest when he was a "poor" student according to the postman who delivered mail to them at that particular time. Chicago is the safe haven of Communism in the U.S. and is a cesspool of evil. It is no wonder that politics in Illinois are rife with corruption.  

Georgia, The Battle of the Bulge is one example.

America has one chance only and that is elect a veto-proof Congress dedicated to our Constitution. 

We all must volunteer to serve on local and state executive committees, vet candidates, walk precincts, work phone banks to elect a veto-proof congress, and then  keep in touch with them to make sure they keep the faith of the campaign.

we dont have that kind of time,its at the end now.


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