This Veteran’s Epic Defense of the Second Amendment...‘I Went to War for My Country’

The Blaze reports, A military veteran delivered a passionate defense of the Second Amendment at a Chicago-area anti-gun “forum” Sunday, saying he went to war to protect all Americans’ inalienable rights — including the right to bear arms. He also argued the threat of “tyranny” is still just as real as it was in the past.

The veteran, along with several other NRA supporters, were reportedly forced to listen to panelists bash the Second Amendment and question whether or not the right to bear arms is still relevant in today’s society.

“About two-thirds of the audience sported Illinois State Rifle Association or National Rifle Association hats or tee-shirts. Many held up “Don’t Infringe My Rights” signs. Many photographed the crowd and speakers with phones and cameras,” according to the Wilmette Sun Times.


Wounder how long it will take the Obama Adm. to label him a crazy vet with PTSD and try to ban him from owning guns ??????????? I get the feeling that the adm. is looking for an all out civil war.Would love to take some of us out.

SMALL WORLD, you can bet it’s already been done. Even before he made those statements he was labeled simply because if his military experience. Remember, Big Sis said in Obama's first term who she considered a threat to America's security: him

They’ll hide behind the first Amendment while the criminals rule the streets.

Here’s a Chinese immigrant schooling the left on the 2nd amendment…Great video..

Just remember Amendments are not bullet proof, at least in the physical sense… or the literal either according to them. So why should we obey any of their LAWS?

This from the first would be victims of their utopian world,as they’re calling “fore” and “aft” will be the remains of our society and Nation

They are already labeling an awful lot of returning vets with various psych diagnoses – probably for the sole reason of keeping guns away from them. It’s just another step in their plan.

The forefathers did not recognize our right to keep and bear arms to hunt, target shoot, or own a collection (like Obama claimed). They recognized our right to bear arms, to stop a government that has gone out of control and is no longer a government off the people, and for the people.

This meeting was in Chicago. he should have reminded them that Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nations, but also has the highest murder rates.

Currently, in our country, blacks make up 12.5% of the population, and are doing half of the nation’s murders. Half of all murder victims in the US last year, were also black. If we can lower the black murder rates to the same as whites, we will lower the national murder per capita rate by almost 40%, and save a whole lot of black lives. I want to save black lives, how about you.

74% of murders in America are gang and drug related, but not a peep from Obama and crew on going after gangs. As a matter of fact, Obama’s DOJ saw fit to put “assault rifles” into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.

Currently in America, rifles of all types are used in less than 3% of our murders. So just why is it that Obama, Feinstein, and the libs want to take our rifles.

Notice that Obama and the liberals are not talking about lowering the murder per capita rate. That would force them to put all of the facts about murder on the table, and the facts go against the liberal agenda.

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The government can not take away ANY of our freedoms UNTIL they take our GUNS!!

Liberals and extreme left Democrats believe that through intimmadation and shutting their ears to reality can force those who believe in keeping their rights, having responsibilities and believing in right from wrong, as war mongers,or mentally inept from having anything to defend them from trarny or protecting their rights.

Usually I get so irate when I peruse these patriotic sites and see our heros being denied their God granted 2nd amendment rights, I cannot write a coherant sentence.  All I can say to you all is this year forgo a vacation, new car, or a major purchase of any kind and instead purchase the largest caliber weapon you can along with plenty of ammo for it.  Practice until you are a crack shot and join likeminded patriots in local groups.  You must realize that the militia referred to in the constitution is as was so eleouently stated, "the whole people".  Yes, folks, the militia is you and it is me.  We cannot ever lose sight of that simple truth.  When the "whole people" waken from their lethargy and realize this, the communists who infest our beloved republic will be on the run.  Semper Fi    Lock and load and keep your powder dry, patriots!

Can we get confirmation about Obama now questioning the military if they will fire on America's citizens?

Because I think that information + his push for gun REGISTRATION = dictator takeover!

He really needs to be removed from office....but who can do that?

Semper Fi!

Jimmy Carter-D wanted to enact more gun control during his term as President. The following excerpts are from an excellent article on the results:

"In 1978 the Carter Administration's National Institute of Justice funded a complete review of extant social scientific literature on guns, to be done by the University of Massachusetts' Social and Demographic Research Center. This encyclopedic work set the benchmark and point of departure for all later research in the field. Begun with the expectation of ratifying the anti-gun views its senior authors admittedly shared, it ended instead with an almost unrelentingly negative evaluation of the entire corpus of gun control literature."

"Criminals prefer unarmed victims"

"To reiterate, the preceding discussion concerns the actual use of guns to thwart crimes in progress. At first glance the evidence also supports the gun lobby's claim that widespread gun ownership deters the criminal from even attempting confrontation crimes. In 1982 the redneck Atlanta suburb, Kennesaw, became a laughingstock by requiring that a gun be kept in every household. But the joke redounded as the resulting publicity seemed to produce a virtual end to residential burglary which continues to this day. [36] Similar results appeared from a highly publicized 1966 program in which 3,000 civilian women received defensive handgun training from Orlando, Fl. police. As of 1967, rape had dropped 88.2% in Orlando and aggravated assault and burglary 25%."

The FACTS have been known for a long time. As we know from sad experience, facts, especially inconvenient facts are completely ignored by the leftist, progressive, socialist, Communists when those facts refute their preferred narrative.  

I noticed that most of the people there were pro Second Amendment. Good for them for standing up for their rights and the veteran for telling the anti-gun guy off. We have to stay vigilent to keep our God given rights. If we give up on one area, what's to stop them from taking away other inalieanable rights. Too many men and women have died protecting those rights for us to give up.

Although the government would like to take our guns away from us by making the 2nd Amendment "no longer relevant", it is doing an excellent job of disenfranchising many Americans of their gun rights anyway.  The large numbers of felons that we have makes for thousands, if not millions, of legally disarmed citizens.  Admittedly, they brought this upon themselves. But most people are unaware that ANY domestic violence conviction - even a misdemeanor - will result in lifelong loss of gunrights.   Losing your 2nd Amendment rights permanently just for slapping your 16 year old who is yelling profanity in public is a slick way to take away these rights.  Another way is by allowing a veteran's or anyone else's mental health records to disqualify them from purchase or gun ownership (remember that electronic health records are government-required and easily obtained by the feds) now.  The fact that "depression" or being on medications for depression seems to be a constant correlate with each and every one of these recent rage killers may raise the threshhold for allowing guns by such people.  And such people number into the millions.   The government is happy to stand behind of those places in America (California, New York City, Chicago, Massachusetts, etc) that issue unconstitutional gun laws and deny citizens possession.  Although only 4 million gun owners belong to the NRA, the most effective means to counter the gun takers, there are 300 million guns in America.  Perhaps 100 million Americans should now join the NRA!  Furthermore, you do not have to own a firearm to agree with the 2nd Amendment.   So, why do  the other 100 to 150 million adult Americans not consider joining the NRA?  There is way too much hand wrenching and turmoil.  I personally find that my NRA membership is cheap but collectively does an excellent job.  When are you going to join?

We need to tell our govt in no uncertain terms that the 2nd amendment has been infringed as far as we will permit it to be and and they better not pass any further gun control laws,they should be told that this is not request it is an order.

The best we might do is to continually hammer on the TRUTH - doing our level best to deliver that TRUTH to as many fellow citizens as possible by every means possible.  Appearing before agendized committees cuch as this one in Chicago is a most direct way to confront the antis.  We simply can't allow treachery to be perpetrated upon us by the messianic ideology of these small bands of the so called "authorized" .


I have engaged in conversations with some of the feeble minded and ignorant.  I'll share my arguement with you.........

Are you aware of the Constitution of our United States?

Do you know that the Constitution embodies the most fundamental and indelible law of our land?

Do you know the Second Amendment to our Constitution and what it actually means?

Are you aware of the souls who fought and died to defeat a tyrannical government with the worlds' strongest military to seize the opportunity to give us our Constitution?

Do you know that those souls pledged their lives, possessions and sacred honor to give us our Constitution?

Do you actually have the audacity and arrogance to think you know better than those who gave us our Constitution?

Do you possess a permit to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection?  Are you carrying a concealed firearm at this moment?

(Be prepared to provide factual, effective explanation of the actual intent of the Founders as they wrote the Second Amendment.)


And finally:  Do you remain irrevocably committed to your intent to infringe the Constitutional right or your fellow citizens to Keep and Bear Arms?  If you do, signify so by raising your right arm (Nazi salute) and repeating after me.  Seig Heil !





If you think obama can't take away our guns, our freedom just wait and see if he gets the gun ban run through the U.N., because thats his way to do it. He wants us under U.N legal system as well and with him circunventing congress he will make a lot of things happen. You can now see where he wants to go so if you'd like to know how that life will be read Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is here in your backyard if you look around If you folks are not reading things you need to know you're already behind the 8 ball.. Read one second after, world made by hand if you want to see what frightening is and this is where all the gangs will come and take what is left. You just can't blog places like this. You've got to get off the couch and join the fight in person if necessary. Get involved with your local plitical groups that are fighting the good fight. Start with the Tea Party as we welcome everyone.


I can't say enough about the groups I belong to NRA, NRA-ILA, Liberty Council, Judicial Watch, Heritage Foundation. I have to write them down so I don't forget.

Obama said in his speech Monday that Americans shouldn’t “mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”

Read more:


Yet NRA  and gun owners = nazis! Yep hypocrites!


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