My fellow freedom loving law abiding patriots


It is obvious that law abiding gun owners are under attack by this tyrannical government that wishes to pass laws that will have ZERO impact on crime, all in the name of reducing gun violence, yet we see time and time again they focus on the 99.9% that do not break laws to discourage the .01% that give no credence to law. You and I know them as Criminals.


One rogue anti Americana governor in NY flaunted the fact that through midnight back door sessions he was able to pass law reducing legal magazine capacity from 10 to 7 rounds.


Well this was a 2 pronged attack; once that law was passed all semi automatic pistols other than 1911's, instantly became illegal. 2nd they felt better of their righteous decision that now you have 2 less rounds to wreak terror, as if the law abiding are out to terrorize, thieve and murder. 


Here is a great video (LINK IS BELOW) of a gun man in NY City who killed a co-worker then turned his gun on the Cops. Now in full disclosure I am not downing police, this is a prime example of how, even the so called, trained people with guns shoot under pressure. This was one man with a gun vs. two cops in NY city which is by in large a GUN FREE ZONE!!!!


It took 16 rounds from two police officers, whom only landed 10 of the 16 rounds and they were both under 7 yards away from the gunman.  So let’s fast forward to today in NY. Now you are dealing with two intruders in your home or a single strung out druggie desperate for his next fix. ONLY now you have 7 rounds to defend you and your family. 


The point I am trying to convey, is we should not be limited to how many rounds a pistol or a rifle can hold. Our law makers should be limiting the recidivism of violent criminal’s not magazine count. 


Who's really putting innocent lives in jeopardy? It's tyrannical, anti American Ivory tower politicians. It happened in NY let’s make sure we fight tooth and nail to ensure our local and state politicians do not try and back door law that will only impact the law abiding. And please share this with all that are like minded or maybe on the fence on the magazine situation. 


Our best defense is an offense, where we talk to and educate those about proper gun use and why we need to defend all our rights.


YouTube - Videos from this email

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Lanza only used hand guns...the "assault" rifle was in his car. 

There was no "Assault" rifle. What was in the car was a shotgun.

The whole Sandy Hook shooting deal was a joke.  There is so much false info, interviews that have surfaced about a second shooter , the gun found in the trunk, the school nurse that said, on tape, the mom of the shooter was a teacher at the school....  something  just isn't right here... I have also seen an interview with a man that had children in his home that were let off a bus, and he waited 30 minutes  before calling the police. and there was a child listed as dead that was on stage with Ovomit, and  a website was established for her family for their "dead" daughter, before the shooting took place !!!!   Something is going on here, and is being used to take our guns.....

But just think of the economic stimulus that will occur due to all those magazines being reworked. You see, this is an economic stimulus plan. Boy, talk about jobs saved or created!


Of course if we did this in the manner that the progressives do economic legislation we would only have to promise not to put more than 7 rounds in a magazine regardless of the capacity.

good for you whtetiger,

but the target is not shooting  back at you

@John are right but I have had targets soot back...the Police do not spend enough time on the range plus every one needs to shoot in a kill you experiance of shoot don't shoot in a house...and gives you room to room searce training...

This is why we need to defend ourselves also.  Read it and weep.....really weep.

Charlotte, here is part of a reply to this article written by a student at West point. First it shows how the student got far right mixed up with far left...but in any event. This was copied from an article; In the first  group, you’ve got  your Nazis  and your KKK, including skinheads .  Let ’s  review some real history ,not  the revisionist  left ist  stuff  taught  in schools.  The word “Nazi” is  a compound-contraction of  the German words  for “National Socialist  Workers  Party . ” Note the word “socialist . ”
In the 1930s , as  the Nazis  rose to  prominence, they were supported by many in the political Left  in  America.
To  this  day , the Nazis  in  America remain a leftist  group in that  they do  not  believe in equality , individual liberty or tolerance, which are the principles  that  inspired the Founding Fathers  and forged the  American character . The KKK, similarly , was  founded by Democrats  to  oppose the equality and personal liberty of  blacks .   As recently as  a few years  ago , the Democrat  Party included a prominent  KKK Grand Cyclo ps , Robert  Byrd, who found a home in the Senate. 
The  American Communist , Socialist  and Nazi Parties  all have endorsed the Occupy Wall Street  movement .
None of  them has  endorsed the Tea Party o r  the GOP .  The report tries  to  link the groups ’  racism to
conservatives , but  it  is  the Democrat  Party that  is  full of  racist  groups , including for blacks and his panics .
And don’t  get  me started on the Islamic terrorist  fronts  like CAIR.

I have been saying this for years being a Republican I find that I must defend my position. But the whole articles only expands on these sections.

Criminals will not obey the law on the magazines.  Its going to cost the lives of honest law abiding citizens.  I for one will never vote for another Democrat no matter what he says.  When push comes to shove, they vote right along with the party.

  • @thx 1138 v2...all you need to do is change the magazine followerMagazine Follower (6 round)


"Fear the Government that fears its citizens being armed."

How fast can you swithch mags...???

it is not about "Gun Control", it is fully abour "People Control"...period

And, by the way Obama...we are not a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic...period

Remember, when two Wolves, and one sheep are trying to decide what is for lunch...that is a Democracy...


And when the sheep has a gun, that's a republic.


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