My husband recently had an letter to the editor published in the Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) supporting the our Second Amendment rights. We have been gratified to have received heartfelt local support and wanted to share it here.  --Shari Mauriello


Letter to the Editor


By: Rev. Joseph Mauriello


Saturday January 12, 2013 5:16 AM


I read with interest the Friday letter from Lee H. Lybarger, who asked, “When has it ever been possible for unorganized, armed individuals to overthrow their oppressors?” To prove the point, Lybarger mentions Gen. George Washington.

Before the American Revolution we were not a nation, and so did not have a standing army. As a result, members of the Continental Army, from George Washington down to the lowest private, were citizen-soldiers who grabbed their weapons and ran to answer their nation’s call.Even still, the regular army made up a very small percentage of those who fought for America. Most were minutemen, men who fought one day and then were back home the next.

And people back then did not have only muskets. They had rifles, flintlock pistols, rifled pistols, cannons, mortars, grenades, grapeshot, shrapnel bombs, swords, bayonets, lances, primitive land mines and even submarines.

When France fought its own war of independence a few years later, it was armed citizens who overthrew their monarchy. When Napoleon invaded and conquered much of Europe, he was met by armed resistance from the citizens of almost every country. This resistance was so bad in Spain that they actually named it guerilla warfare, after the Spanish for “little wars.”

Since then, the instances of guerilla warfare are so numerous that it would be impossible to list them. However, we do know that it goes back to at least the 6th Century B.C.E., when Sun Tzu wrote about the concept in his book The Art of War.

Lybarger stated that gun ownership leads to an “extreme individualism.” Since when did the ideal of rugged individualism become a bad thing? Americans used to be proud of our ability to take care of ourselves, and that used to include protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our country from all threats, both foreign and domestic.

Our Founding Fathers were highly educated and knew that only an armed citizenry guarantees freedom. They did not specify what those arms had to be because they wanted us to be allowed to keep up with changing weapon technology. The truth is that I have a constitutional right to own machine guns, artillery, tanks, attack helicopters and a submarine if I can afford one. Laws that prohibit the ownership of any type of weapon or that require me to get a license to carry a concealed weapon are unconstitutional.

The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they crafted the Constitution. They knew what happens to an unarmed population. Just ask the victims of the Holocaust or the millions who were exterminated by Stalin, Lenin, Mao and many other tyrants.

Just ask the citizens of cities with strict gun-control laws who have to cower inside their homes every night, terrified of the armed criminals who roam freely through their streets.

It is past time to return to our roots and make the Constitution the true law of the land by restoring our full rights.


Columbus, Ohio

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Excellent letter.

AMEN!  Finally someone not only gets it, but is saying it out loud!  56 million people were rounded up and exterminated in the 20th century because of gun control!  As 18th century statesman, Richard Henry Lee, said, "To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them."

Exactly right, and needs to be encouraged in these time of uncertainty regarding our present Government.

AMEN, Rev. Mauriello!!!

Why do WE THE PEOPLE ALLOW these "training camps"  to remain in OUR COUNTRY??  The way i see it is---IF WE ALLOW obama to take our guns ,"HOW WILL WE KEEP OUR HEADS?? I like my head right where it is "ON MY BODY!!!

Do you think that J. Edgar Hoover would have allowed these Training Camps to exist, if they were training Nazis during World War II? Whatever happened to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee? I watched a movie where John Wayne and James Arnez played two Investigators of the Committee. It was an excellent movie.

The majority of violent crime in our country is caused by gangs, so the Government response is to disarm the law abiding American Citizen. These are the same geniuses that took away the old Incandescent light bulb, that worked perfectly for over 140 years, and gave us the "Energy saving" light bulbs that are made in China, and are loaded with mercury. And you know how Safety conscious China is about things, like poison in pet food, and lead in children's toys. Now, if a light bulb breaks in your home, you have a Hazardous waste site, which you will need to hire someone qualified to clean it up, and that costs big bucks. So, the Government made a big deal about taking lead out of gasoline, and in household paints, since some kids were eating paint chips, and getting lead poisoning, but they now mandate mercury filled light bulbs in our homes and offices. That's brilliant. You can watch a video about the new light bulbs at  .

James Madison, a proponent of a large, central federal government, wrote in Federalist Paper #46 that no matter how big and powerful a central government got, it would always be kept in check by an overwhelming number of armed citizens. The fact that citizens were all armed was a GIVEN to the Founding Fathers, and it is a GIVEN right now. Nothing has changed, including the reasons for armed citizens .... FREEDOM.

I agree with Nancy Reagan when she coined the phrase:  "Just say NO".  Whatever Washington does regarding this matter is automatically unconstitutional.

The most dangerous job in America is going to be the high school dropout DHS moron who comes a-knockin' at our doors demanding we surrender our weapons!

Molon Labe ... Come and Take Them

Amen brother!

So TRUE! If only we could get air spots on tv and radio to remind people of this the same way they barrage us with garbage and lies from BHO!


Just have people go to You Tube and watch two videos, "Overview of America", and "2A Today for the USA". Get a few copies and send them to your local Newspaper Editors, and elected "Representatives". You can also find them at

One Word "MILITIA"


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