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Here’s the Chart That Supporters of Assault Weapons Ban Don't Want to See

FBI Data Shows Only Small Number of Murders in U.S. Committed With Rifles

The Blaze,

While anti-gun advocates argue that banning semi-automatic rifles, like the popular AR-15, will help decrease shooting deaths in the U.S., FBI data suggests that the average American is more likely to be killed by “hands, fists” or “feet” than a rifle. The anti-gun crowd has intensified its calls for a federal assault weapons ban following the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. last week.

“Yes, massacres tend to be done with weapons like this. But not most gun murders in the U.S.: a vast majority of gun murders in the U.S. are committed with a handgun,” The Washington Examiner’s Timothy Carney writes.

As you can see in the chart pictured above, the vast majority of murders in the U.S. are indeed committed with handguns, not rifles. More people were killed with shotguns (373), knifes/blades (1,704) and “other weapon[s]” (1,772) more often than they were with rifles in 2010, which were reportedly used in 358 murders that year.

Whether it’s a knife, gun or a fist, will a “ban” of any kind sway a deranged individual’s decision to take human lives?


Here’s the original source for that data, only from 2011:

Problem is, liberals don’t care about the facts.

If my friend had kept his gun loaded and close instead of unloaded and locked away, he and his wife would still be alive today. They were murdered in cold blood by a punk with a knife.

You mean Piers Morgan really is a loony bin? You mean he really doesn’t give a rip about facts and he’s just an emotional sissy Brit that wants to BAN GUNS. That’s right, liberals care nothing, NOTHING about real facts:

We already knew Piers Morgan was a flaming liberal and has a serious attitude problem, but when he called Larry Pratt an, "an unbelievably stupid man" and said, "you are talking complete and utter nonsense" that becomes an attack rather than interviewing and simply disagreeing with someone.

Interesting that the actual facts show that far more people are killed with knives than rifles. Just a few days ago there were a bunch of libs in another comment section claiming the opposite.

Why am I not surprised?

And besides, they never consider that TOTAL murder may go UP if you take the guns from those that obey laws. Heck, even if you could magically get all guns from the criminals, it could still go up. The root problem here is evil spreading to the hearts of more and more people, encouraged by liberals (more death, says Maher, let’s kill children say abortionists, you’re just a cosmic mistake say the atheists, etc.)

We need to come back to God — who is Love. :)

Leading causes of death:

Heart disease: 599,413
Cancer: 567,628
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 137,353
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,842
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 118,021
Alzheimer’s disease: 79,003
Diabetes: 68,705
Influenza and Pneumonia: 53,692
Nephritis, nephritic syndrome, and nephrosis: 48,935
Intentional self-harm (suicide): 36,909

Should we ban ice cream, Doritos, McDonald’s, fried chicken, donuts, microwaves, vaccines, soda, candy, alcohol, and cigarettes?

In the US, active smoking, adult obesity, medical errors, and drunk driving has killed way more people than firearms ever has. Firearms is not even the top ten leading causes of death.

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FACTS: TOP TEN CAUSES OF DEATH IN U.S.: (1)Tobacco-529,000  (2)medical errors-195,000  (3)Accidental injuries-118,0212  (4)Alcohol abuse-107,400  (5)Auto accidents-34,485  (6)Accidental poisoning-31,758  (7)Drug abuse-25,500  (8)Unintentional falls-24,792  (9)NON-firearm Homicides-16,799  (10)FIREARM Homicides-11,493----DATA SOURCE: Center for Disease Control, FBI, U.S. government.   AND FBI says the #1 WEAPON FOR VIOLENT ATTACKS ARE BASEBALL BATS!   The Washington Examiner statistics:  MURDERS in U.S.--2010 statistics:  Handguns-6,009, Rifles-358, shotguns-373, unknown GUNS-2,035, Knife/Blades-1,704, other weapons-1,772, Hands/Fists/Feet-745 victims.

Shavager, great facts we should tell the liberals we will not given in to any gun control. But if we lose then so should the liberal loons that drive. All tobacco must go as well, as for the death by Medical errors will be lower because of Obamacare-less doctors. 

This is a valuable post for the information it transmits. One ommission, however, was notice that domestic violence homicides are not on the list. 

Don't forget all of the higher ups in government who knew pearl Harbor would be attacked, but they needed it to happen so the American people would demand we go into war.  They (government) wanted war only for money, not to stop the Nazis, because up to that point, we were secretly on the side a Adolph.  Henry Ford was admired by Adolph as a leader in the eugenics movement to eradicate the Jews. 

Red Flag incidents are unfortunately too common in this government.  The proof is out there, seek and ye shall find.

Start here

The Left never listens to the facts...

  Over the counter drugs kill more people in the US each year then all guns combinded.CASE 1: Over-the-counter medications cause an estimated 16,000 deaths per year, according to a report published in American Family Physician.

“Drug safety means finding the right balance,” weighing a drug's risk against a drug's benefit.

—William Comanor, PhD, director of the UCLA program on pharmaceutical economics and policy, professor of health services at UCLA, and professor of economics at University of California at Santa Barbara. 

   Why don't we look at guns in the same light risk of not having a gun vs. benefit of having one?


We were expecting a massive push toward gun control if the commie got re- elected, but I did not expect a slam dunk set up like this!!

I recently talked with my nephew in Austraila where the Government confiscated all the citizen's guns. He has been listening to the Far Left rendition on the ban on guns because of the CT shooting and asked me why we need guns anyway. After informing him of our Constitutional rights to own a gun he then asked why do you need semi-automatics. Again I took the time to explain as time changed so do the people's rights and if an oppressive Government has semi-automatics then the citizen has the same right to match the strength of the Government's forces. I told him our Constitution didn't include any exemption to the type of gun one could own.

He went on to tell me about the intrusion of government into the rights over their property where a tree they wanted to cut down was protected, they had to get a permit to put in a swimming pool, they couldn't use their basement as a rental because it was classified as a flood safety area, they wanted to charge his dad 10% of his assests for writing up a will. Then there were the permits for electrical and structure changes. I told him Australians had been brainwashed by the same media he doesn't trust for a Government he has constant grievences against. Then he goes on to tell me about a man who was recently released from prison for assaulting a woman and killing her. It seems this man, after being released, proceeded to assault and murder two more women and he was very frustrated about their Governments lack of punishment for murderers. My only response was, and he killed them without a gun, isn't that mass murder. Halted the debate why we have guns in it's tracks.

My nephew is a good example of many of the people who voted for Obama. They b**** and gripe about their Government and still vote the same in over and over again and wonder why their Government is so oppressive. They neither ask questions or participate in elections except to cast a vote. Most don't even know what the policies of the Party are and how it will affect their rights. Their sole source of their information is the Far Left media and they wonder why they feel numbed when their leaders regulate their lives with more and more stringent policies.


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