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A lawsuit against Obama’s eligibility previously dead in its tracks is now moving forward due to some surprising developments.

I’m not getting my hopes up,but wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to start the new year?? He should be banished from our country!!!

Hot Da*n I’m Lovin’ This!!!!!!! I AM one of the many who has NEVER believed Obama was eligible to be President and I believe if they look at his birth certificate PLUS his school records it WILL say that he applied as a foreign student. We already know his birth certificate was bogus so, let’s hope to Almighty God he’ll be finally exposed. Can I get an Amen??!!!!!!!!


Our problem is that we always wait. It needs to be done NOW! Not the middle of December,not January the 3rd RIGHT NOW! That seems to be our only problem in winning. If the where's the birth certificate book came out 3 months earlier just think how much more of a impact it would have had. Corsi was promoting the book for months and while he was doing that Obama was creating a forgery. Everyday that nothing is done is perfect for Obama and his regime.


The right thing should be done, disqualifying Barry from the presidential race, should also be done in other states, making the entire political arena redo the election, would be proper.

Our distrust for Government and the leaders of out government has dwindled to NONE!

We can not even trust the RIGHT thing will ever be done...

We should have done this 4 years ago...

Require Barack Obama To Allow The Public Examination Of His Birth Certificate Records & His College & University Records.

You are telling the truth, I find it in my own family. Recently trying to get some family members to join me in protesting a UN treaty with our Senators. Couldn't find the time, too busy, what good would it do? I heard it all even tho it affected their own children. It makes me sick that people are so tuned out, it will take tragedy, pain to make them wake up.

No doubt Obama has an agenda, But I always remind myself, that our Heavenly Father, Almighty God, is in control.

God can part a red sea and if God wants fraud exposed, then God can make it happen. The Bible is full of stories full of SURPRISE. God is still God whatever happens.


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Hopefuly GOD willing the entire truth will come out and obama & crew will end up in prison for at least 50 years.



Prison is too good for the lying b******.

How about a waterboard at gitmo?


Naw! Just tie him up. lower his head into a toilet and don't take him out.

I would like to use the toilet first.

My brother flushes him on a daily basis.



My choice would be a very dull knife from front to rear

I am not so sure it would be.  They are enough in there that hate his guts and he could be a new B@tch for the ones already there.

Good idea Tea Party Patriot, if we find out he can only hold his breath for a minute, lets hold him under for two minutes!!!!!!!

I agree. Just make sure Pelosi and Reid get hauled away, too!

I've said this before, Wouldn't it be great if Sheriff Joe was the one handcuffing Obama and taking his sorry butt off to the slammer?


Couldn't agree with you more!  There is a concern though. Obama's minions have been ramped up and we saw during the "election" (loosely called) that they think that violence is okay. They were told to vote in revenge and they have been exhonorated from any wrong doing as a matter of 'fairness'. It's going to get ugly and we have to be prepared for it.  

Locked and loaded Terri, just patiently waiting for what they want to bring!


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