Pro-Obama protesters at Romney rally admit that they are from the SEIU and are being compensated at $11.00/hour for their troubles. I feel sorry for these people; dare I say it, they are slaves and do not even know it.

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Again, nothing new! This is the Dems/Left Modus Operandi (MO) They offer pay and then bus in Obama supporters, I've seen it at Obamacare townhalls and when Obama was in Columbus, SEIU members saying they have to punch the time clock before they get back on the bus!

This is so sad to know. These poor people are being played by Obummer. Are these the jobs he's creating?

Same as before nothing new except..................People who have a brain will not give him their vote. (I hope)

Right on Wes.  There was a black minister on television a couple of weeks ago, and he said, "You think that you elected the first black President, and you think that you elected someone that would bring hope, and you did neither." 


What the people elected was the first mulatto President.  For those of you that may want to respond to this, and If this sounds racist to you, please know that I wasn't the one who voted for color.  A person's color was not a criteria of mine.

Unless.....his REAL father is Frank Marshall Davis


I am not suprised.

This is just further proof that Unions are a threat to the republic.They are inter wooven into the democratic party and they exert their power thru intimidation.That was very evident in Wisconsin this year during the Scott Walker recall.It was just sickening to me.Unions are pitting ordinary citizens who pay their wages against them.It seems to me it's either the unions with to much power or the companies that are taking advantage of workers.We as Americans should demand a three legged stool concept.One leg unions,one leg companies,and one leg the American consumer.The consumer nowadays is the leg that has been cut off.The balance is not there so the stool can,t stand.That is why free enterprise must be allowed to work.No bailouts for poor performance make Federal and State unions and companies and their unions work together to benefit the stool/consumer or Fail and no longer exist.

Funny, I bet they wouldn't protest on their own. The -0 team must be desperate to pay that kind of money to people who don't even know what they are in for if -0 gets re-elected.

Poor people, nothing!  They're nothing but a bunch of losers.  Feel sorry for the rest of us who are keeping up with what's going on to save this country!

Yeah, well, corrupt buying of protestors, they probably won't vote if they don't pay them, so good.  Sorry state of affairs if you ask me!  Poor people don't even know the score, they are being taken for a ride to a place they will not want to go when they get there.

My wife works at a service plaza along the PA. Turnpike.  They stop their busses in there all the time with their protesters.  They pay for their meals along with paying them.  That way they don't have to use their food stamps.

I love the way the dems have absolutely no imagination. This is the same baloney they pulled in 2008 to get the pretender elected. The difference is they are up against a much stronger, more dedicated and aggressive opponent this time. They also have the most dismal record ever accumulated in such a short time making the Carter years look almost successful. Obama wanted to be recorded in history but not the way he will be, as a totally incompetent loser. 


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