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Women of Wake County expressing their views.

I Love this video!

Thank you ladies!

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Get enough of these folks motivated the right way and we will DEFINITELY put Obama's a** in the unemployment line!!!!

This needs to go viral.  I will RT it until my tweet fingers are bloody and raw

Bravo ladies, spoken like true Americans!!!  You worked hard and it wasn't handed to you.  Time for this administration and the Democratic party to see we aren't going to take it anymore!!!!!

Congratulations, Ladies!  What a wonderful testament to how far we've all come together since the summer of 2008!

I am still holding out for impeachment, and putting him in a cell at gitmo

I'm so looking forward to the title Past-president Obama. It can't come too soon for me.

And Former Liar-in-Chief

These ladies represent all the other the strong outspoken freedom fighters for our country who haven't had the chance to tell their side of the story via video. Thank you ladies; you did a fine job of speaking out for those of us who want -0 to lose this Nov.

Thank you ladies !

With my small knowlege of advertising, I have to wonder if his people had a clear target in mind for this stupid Julia ad.

Throughout it he almost shouts that the government will take care of you even if you practice no personal caution what so ever.

But it seems that he fails to see that he already has a large following that behaves in this fashion and is well acquainted with what they must do to qualify for this largess.

It looks instead, that he is trying to convince people like the ladies in this clip to sit back and leave the driving to him.  In doing so, he insults all of them.  He even made his avatar, Julia, appear to be a neutral color.

I think, if he hired advertising talent for this leg breaker, he should try to get his money back.  If it was done in house, he needs to tell Valerie to stick to politics.


Bozo will never be on any unemployment line. He's already seen to that!!  A fantastic video, to be seen by one

and all..... black, white, half-black, half-white. Great job....


God Bless these Women !!

Go Viral

Post to Craigslist Facebook, Twitter !!!

Email to Everyone we know !!

Thanks Ladies !!

Sorry Folks...but have little to say other than...i raised my RIGHT hand and swore WITH MY LIFE to protect and defend the Constitution of WE THE PEOPLE...NOMAMMA is gonna set WE THE PEOPLE on a path of NOTHING...WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO FIRE HIM AND QUICK...I'm a Vietnam Veteran...and i STILL abide by my RIGHT HAND...Thank you Ladies BIG TIME


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