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In a 2009 ABC News interview with George Stephanopoulos, President Obama stated numerous times that his healthcare law was not a tax:


"STEPHANOPOULOS:  But you reject that it's a tax increase?


OBAMA:  I absolutely reject that notion."



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What happened to no taxes for families that make less than 250,000 a year?

Join the discussion on Scotus's decision today to uphold ObamaCare and the mandate as a TAX.

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This is not over friends!



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Democrats up for re-election will now have to defend their stance on "fees" not "tax"....   States will be able to opt-out?...  Romney can now show Obama's videos where he lies about  the tax, health programs, etc.....  now, Republicans in Congress can force the REPEAL effort. will push for repeal, and show that he's protecting the people.

Even if the Republicans force Reid to have a repeal vote in both houses of Congress before the November election and if it passes in both the house and the senate, that socialist will veto it.

Maybe we can exocise him and holder before that time comes....they both deserve to be in prison along with thunderthighs hillary!

I blame the voters who still support this bill and I also blame the voters for supporting this liar President.

I just got off of the phone with my sister.  Her and her husband, who is a doctor, have a clinic near Pittsburgh, PA.  They are shutting it down after 20 years. 

There will be a lot of fall out. I used to be a health care administrator and I can tell you this is bad news for doctors and patients!

This is only the beginning unless we get Romney in and Senate dems out!

The Supreme Court just awakened the sleeping giant.  Have received already today 3 emails from local Tea Party Groups for rallies.

Yes, he did say "this is not a tax," didn't he? Today he was silent. Curiously silent...

We need to stop referring to this abomination as 0'bombcare and instead refer to it as 0'bomb's Euthanasia Care. We must Try to impress upon the population that anyone over 75 is going to be refused Medical procedures by the 0'bombs Euthanasia "medical" panels and those elderly that need procedures but it is not economically practical for someone of advanced years. Adios Grandma, Over the cliff you go.

 Be prepared to do anything peaceful. There will be rallies by Tea party groups throughout the land. We need to turn the 4th of July into one massive protest. Forget picnics and fireworks because we are not free people. We need to get out and protest this until we get rid of all the evil done by this decision. This is another Roe v. Wade decision or Dred Scott case.

american are having to pay the "Tax" penalties for not having healthcare...why will the illegal's get free healthcare still?  I want answers!!  stop illegal's coming into this country sucking all our resources, getting free healthcare, education, welfare, etc.  BS!

"Fathom the Hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured... but  not everyone must prove they are a  citizen.” – Ben Stein


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