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WHICH party is divided and in chaos?

WHICH party has it leaders openly contradicting each other and openly contradicting Obama?


It's initials are DNC.

Here's the latest-

Bill Clinton Endorses Mitt Romney?

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Bain Capital is good.  Obama Enterprises are bad!


Liberalism is evil.

Conservatism is good.

Well at least Bill was honest for the first time.  I really don't like him that much but he is not quite as stubborn as Obama is.

That is why he was able to work with congress.  I don't trust him any farther than throw him but every now and then he speaks the truth.

Newt and a GOP Congress kept him honest.  I don't trust Clinton either - he's got his own agenda going, I'm sure -as well as a personal mistrust and dislike for Obama.

I think there IS a hidden agenda...or not-so hidden...Bill Clinton wanted Hillary to be President...not this upstart Obama.

So this is payback.

Good one, Rev.  LOL  Amen.  I think Clinton has his own agenda.

Thanks...and yep...this is like the 3rd or 4th time Clinton has directly contradicted Obama, a couple of times with Obama present...

...the Democrats are NOT as united and organized as they would have us think.







Shouldn't have pissed him off back in '08.

The entire USA is divided at this time.

Well, Slick Willie is in Wisconsin campaigning against Scott Walker, a job creator in his own right. 

It is too bad that the Scott Walkers of this world have to contend with so much garbage when they have more than enough work to deal with in this economy.  We know that we cannot keep people on unemployment such as what has been transpiring for the past years...enough is enough.  The WH is going to have to lose some of their benefits before they get the message...there is too much conflict of interest with the whole system there.  e.i. voting themselves a raise in salary while the social security had no increase...and the WH is spending like water flowing from Niagra Falls.  At 75 I still have to supplement my widows SS because my financial institute's retirement went belly up in th nineties lost all but $2,500 of it.

. . . and with the illegals devouring the rest.



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