Union Membership Falls to a 100-Year Low

The number of union workers in America has fallen to a 100-year low! Sadly, the number of workers who are unionized is still too high in government. Of course, unions should never be allowed in government. No government worker should ever be… Continue



Larry Holland commented on Lowell Guy Mahler's blog post Imagine That !
"And people don't realize if Obama's attitudes ran the country in the early 40's Hitler would have won and we wouldn't be speaking English."
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JoeV commented on Sera Wilson's blog post SHOCKING: California DMV To Give Illegals Free Pass On Identity Theft Per ‘New’ Investigative Policy
"Utterly disgraceful and an insult to every immigrant who came to this country legally, learned our language, became citizens and contributed to society.  This B.S. has got to cease and these dumb arse politicians have got to go."
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keepyourpower commented on Sera Wilson's blog post SHOCKING: California DMV To Give Illegals Free Pass On Identity Theft Per ‘New’ Investigative Policy
"In my 64 years, on this Earth, 10 of these, as a police officer, I have NEVER seen so much LAWLESSNESS in my lifetime! Can you even imagine how law enforcement officers feel, with all this lawlessness, and their hands are tied behind their backs!!!!…"
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Curtice Thompson commented on Eric Odom's blog post Anti-Gun Activists Want Health Insurance Rates Hiked for Gun Owners
"Why is it that we "patriots" do nothing but bitch about the war that is being waged on us, our country, our freedoms. Here's a thought: if you don't have the guts to get up off of your whining butt, and get involved in saving this Republic, then ple…"
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Imagine That !During the 3-1/2 years of World War 2 that started with theJapanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945,"We the People of the U.S.A. " produced the following:22 aircraft car…
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