Larry Holland commented on Larry Holland's blog post QUESTION? Should New Years Eve Celebration in NYC Be Cancelled?
"I know that this will not happen and New Years Eve festivities will go on as planned, my point is,Americans must realize we are not living in good ole USA, we are living in the harsh reality of  an America where mobs rule, where anarchy is becoming…"
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Larry Holland commented on Ralph V. Cutolo's blog post ‘Cop Lives Don’t Matter’ Spray-Painted On Fence In West Philly,.. Huh?????????
"This is the ANARCHY that the p'resident has so dreamed of his whole life and devoted most of
his waking time in office to achieve, and when his terrorist buddies help him out, well , that's
just icing on his Hawaiian staycation cake!"
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Marlene’s blog post was featured
The Latest Battle in Barry’s War on the US appears to be directed at our law enforcement people that are entrusted with keeping us safe from felons, drug dealers, looters, and rioters.
Barry has now spent 6 long years antagonizing race relations in…
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Larry Holland commented on Marlene's blog post The Latest Battle in Barry's War on the United States
"Listening to Bernard Kerik talk on Judge Pirro's show of officers being executed decades ago,we are truly reliving history, I didn't realize it was so violent in the 60's. This Muslim scum that killed these officers are no doubt the opportunists who…"
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Wayne commented on Eric Odom's blog post POLL: Should We Join the Movement to Defeat John Boehner as Speaker of the House in January?
"A definite NO on Paul Ryan. He is pro amnesty . I do not trust him.
We have better than a good chance to take over Republican leadership in the new Congress.

Go viral- pass this around
This is here and now. This is our responsibility to resolve one…"
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NYC cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley may be far more than a simple "I Can't Breathe" protestor. While Obama's media networks would like you to believe Brinsley was a caring protestor who took it way too far, evidence is bubbling up showing Brin…
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J.D. 'Duke' Schechter commented on Eric Odom's blog post POLL: Should We Join the Movement to Defeat John Boehner as Speaker of the House in January?
"Not only Boehner, but every so-called 'Republican' who's forgotten what the party once stood for, should be removed from leadership positions."
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