26 States Now Suing Obama to Stop Amnesty

Two more states have now officially joined the lawsuit filed against Obama in an attempt to stop his un-Constitutional amnesty–all at your expense, of course–to millions of lawbreaking illegal immigrants. Started by Texas, the lawsuit is now… Continue

1 American Dead in Hotel Attack in Libya

A senior State Department official has confirmed the death of one U.S. citizen in an attack on a Libyan hotel that occurred on Tuesday. As of Tuesday afternoon, US officials had not provided any further details on the American. Mahmoud Hamza,… Continue



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What can I say; sometimes the predictions are just wrong.That doesn’t always stop us from pretending that our prediction was more accurate than it really was:It appears that the model used to forecast New York’s  Snowmageddon II was just wrong.A Nat…
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CARLTON RUDOLPH commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Sarah Palin Too Toxic for 2016?
"SARAH PALIN & OLIVER NORTH 2016......After giving us 8 years of Pharaoh Obama, we owe it to the Democraps to elect Sarah Palin."
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Many here on PAN are unfamiliar with Dr. Carson, and what his character is all about. In learning about who he is, and where he stands on the many issues facing America and our citizens, his columns in the Washington Times are an important insight.I…
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Brock Peterman commented on Larry Holland's blog post Speaker John Boehner and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Do Your Job and Do the Military a Favor and FIRE Their Commander in Chief
"Every day this setup is proving we need another way of removing a President other than congress.  State governors should be able with a 2/3 or 3/4 vote remove a President for any reason.
Not to mention a whole lot work on the Senate.  The 17th Amend…"
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Brock Peterman commented on Rudy's blog post Wednesday Morning - The Front Page Cover
"We can't afford to wait for another election.  They have not really been helping stem the tide anyways."
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Teddy Jack Eddy commented on frederick's blog post A Few More Important Quotes About The USA
"the 2010 census indicates we now have over 80% of our population living urban;
When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe. Thomas Jefferson"
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Rich Knoch commented on Sera Wilson's blog post SHOCKING: California DMV To Give Illegals Free Pass On Identity Theft Per ‘New’ Investigative Policy
"The official White Flag has been raised by Governor 'MoonBeam' and this marks the official beginning of 'Mexifornia'.
If you live in Mexifornia, its seems to be the time to take your business, personal assets and very lives, and leave the state, pos…"
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Larry Holland commented on Larry Holland's blog post Mayor Weiner of NYC(DiBlasio) Proves The Idiocy of Global Warming
"Ok, near Hartford CT they got near 17 inches of snow, well below the 3 feet predicted."
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