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By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori –  Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.netConspiracy theories to the left of us…wedding cakes and pizza parlors to the right of us…and a regime caught in the middle facing in all likelihood the probability that…
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Back in 1756, Edmund Burke contemplated a question on political theory. The question that he was asking came from 1st or 2nd century Latin poetry. Since then, it has been a source of inspiration for Plato, Cicero and Socrates. (All of which were inf…
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Larry Holland posted a blog post
 On the radio today we find out, in Australia, the liberals are so distraught over parents reading bedtime stories to their kids, when there are poor lil kidswith parents that can't read or write <STOP> If they can't read or write, they have no busi…
14 hours ago
Rudy replied to Rudy's discussion Taking Our Country Back
"Sure hope others will also."
15 hours ago
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Larry Holland replied to MOTUS's discussion “They would not and by law they could not say it on TV if it were not true.”
"Where is this law or what is it called that no one follows? I'd rather have Fox's 30 percent
conservatism compared to all the others near 95% liberalism."
16 hours ago
Larry Holland commented on Eric Odom's blog post Our 2015-2016 Rally Cry Is Here
"Fred, therein lies the problem in your last sentence- NO one will listen!
Unfortunately sometimes you have to go it alone. Join his team to help get him elected, no doubt he will have campaign offices near each big city, you  can go online to find o…"
17 hours ago
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Normally the last thing on earth I have time or inclination to do is watch Fox News in the afternoon. Butt since Raj is immobile these days he happened to be watching yesterday as this news allegory played out. He then backed it up and insisted I wa…
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Blackpen the Pirate replied to Rudy's discussion Taking Our Country Back
"I quite agree."
20 hours ago
Blackpen the Pirate commented on Crossbow's blog post PERSECUTION!!!
"Good post Crossbow--however you just gave the tip of the iceburg--when a little boy cannot even pray in thanks for his lunch in elementary school without being hauled off to the principles office--something is VERY wrong!"
20 hours ago
Blackpen the Pirate commented on Eric Odom's blog post Our 2015-2016 Rally Cry Is Here
"COUNT ON ME!! Pople need to remember the words of Patrick Henry said about those armed by ""the holy cause of Liberty" !!!"
20 hours ago
Brock Peterman commented on Rudy's blog post Tuesday Morning - The Front Page Cover
"God bless Israel.
The Clinton Crime Family marches on, still trying to hide under the media umbrella."
21 hours ago