Thumbs Down for Justice Roberts

Last week’s Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare (Burwell) and same-sex marriage (Obergefell) were enormously dispiriting for reasons beyond the substantive issues of socialized medicine and same-sex marriage. I couldn’t be more opposed to socialized… Continue


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Friday Wedding 2.0 is not just about the beginning of the weekend, we also always brings the dress of the week. October, as you know is the month of Otaduy and today we bring you a new model of the True Romance collection presented yesterday at his…
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Prior to the mid 90's and pre Bill Clintons gift of US Missle Launch technolgy to China, they couldn't successfully launch a rocket into space or even off the launchpad for that matter, until Pres.Clinton's attache' Jimma Cahhrter delivered them the…
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The Dean of the National Cathedral in Washington wants stained glass windows honoring Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee removed.The idea is that the role of the Cathedral is not so much to serve as an historical memorial but rather as a tool of pr…
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"US Stock Market takes a nosedive today of -354 points on news of collapse of the Greece banking system and failure to reach any agreement on bailout (which there should be none)
FoxNews radio also said"It's not good news across the pond (UK/England)…"
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"So John, I'll join if you tell me what have you done in the past to fight all this evil we now are witnessing, how many rallies or Tea parties or informational meetings to discuss problems of the day have you attended organized, how many times or ho…"
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"July 4th would be an excellent day to start."
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If you are not mad now, then please check your pulse!SCOTUS writes law to keep Obamacare alive, so it may continue disrupting lives and society.Then SCOTUS bends over and approved gay marriage.Neither rulings did they have the Constitutional authori…
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"So much for the truth. God help us!"
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"FoxNews radio just said the US stock market is very concerned about Greece's banking meltdown. Im telling you, this is not good for America, if you have money in a savings account, you better think about taking it out while you can. They'll take tha…"
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Red_Dirt replied to MOTUS's discussion Greece: At Least It’s Not Detroit
""Oh sure, he’s a pompous, arrogant, rich, white guy."
It's amazing how these words just roll off the keyboard after 6 years of Obama.Good post, though. I'm also for Donald Trump."
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