Stingray USN Veteran commented on Marlene's blog post Is Prayer the ONLY Way to Survive the Assault From Within
"AMEN MARLENE! Whether a person believes in evolution or creation, we were endowed with a brain, the ability to think, to reason, to imagine, and to create, so let's stop all of this delegating of responsibility to someone else and get it together! G…"
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"Welcome aboard Terry!
Have a good look around and get familiar with everything. We're in need of volunteers to fill many positions for the next year and upcoming 2016 elections. Give me a holler if you want!"
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Is Prayer the Only Way to Survive the Assault From WithinTo believe that it is means that we are wasting our time and effort even trying to do anything else.It also means that we are truly of the culture that enabled the assault to happen in the fir…
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JohnnyAmerica commented on Eric Odom's blog post Is the President of the United States an Active Enemy of the State?
"The left is getting away with spewing their hatred of America unchallenged publicly because of a group called the GameChanger Salon (a 1,000+ members communist organization that controls all employees of the main-stream-media: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PB…"
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"Their goal is anarchy, do not give it to them. One of the reasons the communists failed in post WW2 Europe was because the Judeo Christian cultural foundation was in their way. The communists developed cultural Marxism to destroy that cultural basis…"
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Rudy commented on Rudy's blog post Benghazi: An Ongoing Intelligence Failure
The whole world knows what happen but didn't get to know the true facts. The cover up continues to this day. Rather we do know or don't we need to continue to post the facts, the true facts.
Your issue on posting of Benghazi remains me of IRS…"
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