Brock Peterman commented on Rudy's blog post Thursday Morning Edition
"If anyone in Congress wants to stay there they had better follow in his foot steps or get out front and lead."
37 minutes ago
Brock Peterman commented on Rudy's blog post Thursday Morning Edition
"Go Mr. Cruz!  Don't side with the traitors and be a thorn in their side at every opportunity.  Shed the disease of wanting to be liked by everyone and do what is right."
38 minutes ago
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  The Front Page Cover"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened" Featuring:Netanyahu to Put Hanoi Kerry,nObama on Notice. Israel Will RebuffU.N. Moves Towards Palestinian StateJeffrey Heller "Rise up together as one voice""Be careful wh…
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Hippocratic commented on Eric Odom's blog post Introducing the Patriot Caucus on Patriot Action Network
"Thank you for adding DML. I found the American Patriot Party Platform when I was trying to figure out what DML should do after being shut down in Iowa. Are you related? That's how I found this site. I thought the platform was dead on and, as a s…"
6 hours ago
Larry Holland posted a blog post
This needs to be asked- Where was our illustrious NSA Spies during the cyberattacks on Sony? Were they too busy spying on good ole USAcitizens, listening on every phone call and every email generated in the US? The multi-billion dollar data mining c…
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A FALLING AWAY  It is a sad thing to see the falling away of Christianity in America. At the rate we are going, as a nation, the USA will be changed to one nation under Allah. God given common sense tells us that the Muslim religion is inspired by S…
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